Windows Explorer Favourites

  SunbeamFanatic 14:55 16 Nov 2010

Hi All,

Another question linked to the removal of my NAS drive.

My Windows Explorer (8) favourites are stored on the NAS, I've copied them to my PC drive but how do I redirect Explorer to look at the new location on my PC rather than the NAS?

Many thanks,


  GaT7 15:10 16 Nov 2010

Hi SF, which OS please? G

  SunbeamFanatic 15:31 16 Nov 2010


Windows 7



  GaT7 15:43 16 Nov 2010

In Win7, the Favourites folder is located in C:\Users\[your profile name]\Favorites

Copy all your bookmarks & paste them in the above folder. Then Open IE8 to verify that they are as you need them. F

  SunbeamFanatic 15:50 16 Nov 2010

Hi Crossbow,

At the moment my favourites are in a folder on an off-board NAS drive what is being removed.

I have copied them to the location you have said but I need to make IE8 "look" that location rather than the NAS drive.

Any ideas?



  GaT7 16:14 16 Nov 2010

Ah, right.

Right-click the Favorites folder on the NAS drive, & select Properties. Click on the Location tab, enter this path in the field: C:\Users\[your profile name]\Favorites & click on Move.

Where [your profile name] is the name you logged in with. G

  SunbeamFanatic 22:15 16 Nov 2010


Many thanks.


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