Windows Explorer Crashes

  gplatt2000 20:06 11 Jul 2003

Hi. Please also read my post 'Problems with explicit pop-ups' and 'run32.dll - Virus?Delete?' as I think they may be related to this problem as both have started at the same time. When I am in IE a message sometimes (3 times in last couple of hours) a message saying 'Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to shutdown - send error report?' comes up. I choose send and it says no reason for the error has been found. HOwever, after clicking 'close', the computer freezes for a second ans all windows disappear then reappear, and Windows carries opn as usual. Any help solving this problem much appreciated, thankyou

  woodchip 20:20 11 Jul 2003

You have to stop panicking,!!!!! your computer will not blow up what you need to do is have a see if you have any old restore points, as you can go back to these and it may remove your problem.
You could try start with XP disc not a restore disc and when you get to the start choose repair. Vog is the man for XP

  gplatt2000 20:39 11 Jul 2003

OK, thankyou. I will probably just restore the computer to 1 week ago if no other answer is found. Is this the best way? Because when I have done this in the past 'installeds' software (the popup stuff) remains?? Thanks once more, Gavin

  VoG II 21:36 11 Jul 2003

Try a repair of Internet Explorer click here

  sil_ver 21:44 11 Jul 2003

Why would oplatt want to repair IE, would this cause win explorer to crash?

  VoG II 21:58 11 Jul 2003

Quite possibly. In XP (and to some extent earlier versions of Windows) Interner Explorer is tied-in very closely with Windows - in fact it is practically impossible by normal means to remove IE from an XP system.

I was also going by "When I am in IE a message sometimes"

which I assumed meant Internet Explorer.

  sil_ver 22:01 11 Jul 2003

Does this apply to all flavours of Win's?

  woodchip 22:39 11 Jul 2003

No you can remove IE from Win98

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