Windows explorer closes when html files selected

  chesterfield 11:41 12 Mar 2004

Posted this request for help a few days ago but all suggestions failed to solve the problem. I'm hoping there are some more technical whizz kids about today!

Here it is....

When I either try to open an html file by double clicking straight onto it or simply select it by either clicking on it once or drawing a box around it with the mouse pointer, a message pops up saying that windows explorer has encountered a problem and is closing down! This closes the open file but nothing else.

I can however still open html files in Dreamweaver no problems and even select html files in a folder by using the 'select all' option from the folders 'edit' menu.

Whats going on?

  stlucia 12:37 12 Mar 2004

It would be useful to see your previous posting so that we can see what you've tried already.

Looks like Explorer needs reinstalling or repairing, but you may have tried that.

  chesterfield 12:49 12 Mar 2004

Good point! Is it possible to put a link in this posting to a previous one or will I have to paste in the previous responses?

Do you have a suggestion as to how Windows Explorer can be repaired?

  stlucia 13:27 12 Mar 2004

To put a link into this posting, go to your old posting (should be easily found in your 'my postings' list) and highlight the whole of its address which appears in the toolbar at the top of the screen. When the address is highlighted, press Ctrl-C (or click Edit/Copy). Then go to this posting and start a new response, and paste (Ctrl-V) the address that you've just copied into the text. The forum software will automatically convert the address into a 'Click here' thingy.

'fraid I've never had to repair Windows, so I'll have to leave it to someone else to answer that question.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:35 12 Mar 2004

click here for the original thread. Sorry that what I suggested has not worked. Maybe someone can come up with a solution to the problem.

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