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  Mike D 09:48 23 Sep 2005

I have just had to reinstall everything by hand following a hard drive failure and a True Image failure (my middle name's lucky!).

Windows Explorer used to open showing the C Drive, now it opens showing My Documents. I think I lost my marbles with the hard drive because I cannot remember for the life of me how to pursuade it to open the way I want.


  Mr Mistoffelees 09:53 23 Sep 2005

This shortcut works in Windows XP

C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /e,c:

Note there is a space between exe and /

  woodchip 09:54 23 Sep 2005

Since you installed the OS have you re-tried loading the True Image onto the drive????? double click the file and it should ask if you want to restart in dos choose yes and reload from there. PS if it's on a DVD or CD it may not load if it's only a Acronis OEM from a Mag disc

  Hamish 10:04 23 Sep 2005

Type Opening Windows Explorer in Google search and take your pick from pages showing how to alter the start in explorer

  wobblymike 10:31 23 Sep 2005

Along similar lines to Mr Mistoffelees above, if you put your windows Explorer icon into your task bar, then right click on it selct properties and then on the Target line place your cursor at the end of the word exe then type the following

Apply and ok.
next time you click the icon it will open up in your C drive.

  Mike D 12:37 23 Sep 2005

Thanks guys, just what I needed!

Woodchip, I'm at my wit's end with True Image. Firstly the bootdisks (I have prepared both CD and Floppies) won't work. This is an old version (Deluxe) and at Acronis' suggestion I have downloaded the trial version of TI 8.0 and, to be fair to them, this does boot into DOS. However, even with the new disk, once the image is restored, Windows hangs at the splash screen. I will probably upgrade to version 9.0 (so you can see I'm not being stingy), but so far everything I try has been a no go. I said my middle name was lucky and I'm pretty sure that the image has something that is not quite right, and then the icing on the cake is the hard drive failure.

Ho hum!


  woodchip 12:41 23 Sep 2005

Thought about getting that my self, just had a E-Mail for it

  woodchip 12:46 23 Sep 2005

What you have sounds like a Driver Problem. You could find out by starting MSCONFIG from run if you are running Win98 or XP not winME then go to startup tab in MSCONFIG and remove tick's from all exept AV and Firewall then test boot. You can put back one tick at a time until you find the driver problem

  Mike D 13:17 23 Sep 2005


I have tried the Strart up tab (and the services tab for that matter) and even with no ticks that thing will not boot, so selective start up until I find the problem driver doesn't seem to be an option. Apart from a few niggles such as the one that started this thread, the anticipation was much worse than the actuality and I have to admit to quite enjoying getting my hands dirty and doing a full install again. It is a pity about my email folder, but even that isn't the end of the world.

If I get fed up, I may try using the image explorer option in True Image to see if I can recover individual bits and bobs.

Thanks anyway,

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