Windows Experience score query

  hawthorn59 03:12 17 Dec 2010


I've treated myself to a new laptop (well, Santa doesn't come to me any more so treated myself!), a Sony Vaio VPCEB3F4E. I spent a few days going to different stores and reading reviews online etc. but ended up buying the Sony as it was reduced from €749 to €575 and looked good.

I checked the Windows Experience Rating on all the laptops I auditioned. On the Sony the base score was 4.7, the processor score I definitely remember as 6.7 This was on the model on display in PC World.

However i was dismayed to discover when I opened up my new laptop that MY WE score was only 4.0 and the processor score 5.7. How can this be??

I cant remember the other scores as I have put the laptop back in the box until I contact the store and/or Sony chat support tomorrow. But;

1 How can this be right?

2 If it is the case what should I do? Does it actually make any difference? But I did base my choice partly on the WE score so Im a small bit peeved!



  KremmenUK 06:40 17 Dec 2010

For some reason known better to Microsoft your WEI score is based on the lowest reading of all your hardware.

Why they didn't use an average beats me.

  ardubbleyu 07:55 17 Dec 2010

Don't pay too much attention to the WE score - as KremmenUK says for some reason M$ have not averaged out the scores to provide something even half useful as an indicator. It doesn't even go to 10!
If the laptop runs all the apps you need it to at an acceptable speed, then thats all that matters.

  mooly 08:09 17 Dec 2010

I definitely wouldn't worry over it.
It's normally the graphics that pull the rating down and even an updated driver can make a difference, but it's a none issue tbh.

  hawthorn59 13:36 17 Dec 2010

Yes maybe, and i agree about the lowest score being used, ridiculous. But my main worry is how can the scores on 2 IDENTICAL machines be so different? The one I bought should surely be as good as the one on display....??


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