Windows Experience Index on W/7 64Bit

  birdface 09:47 04 Jul 2011

Hi.Just checked to see how my computer was running using Windows Experience Index,

The page comes up and I get this message on it Your windows experience index has not yet been established, Then you press the button for it to rate the computer and nothing happens.

Just wondered if it does not work on 64Bit computers.

[Just press start and type Windows Experience Index into the box ]

It worked on my 32 bit computer when I had it so not sure why it does not work on this one.

It is no big deal it is just you notice something is not working and you wonder why.

  QuizMan 13:00 04 Jul 2011

I did not know this function existed, but I have just tried it on my W7 64 bit HP and it seems OK. It provided a variety of figures that mean absolutely nothing to me without further investigation, but there were no messages along the lines of your OP.

  birdface 13:21 04 Jul 2011

Ok QuizMan looks like a problem with my computer then.

I will have to have a look around and see why it does not work

Thanks for getting back to me.

  Housten 16:47 04 Jul 2011


Just followed your instruction on where/what to type in my Windows 7 64 Bit machine. NOTHING!! No programmes, comments or anything else!! So wherever this came from it appeared that I could not get at it!. I then had a thought and went via Device Manager to be greeted with ALL the details and it telling I needed to re-run it. I did, no change as my graphics card etc., are unchanged!

  birdface 17:43 04 Jul 2011

Well I get two which appear,

1st check the windows experience Index

2nd Use tools to improve performance

both open Windows Experience Index which does not run.

So a bit odd 3 different computers and 3 different results.

  Strawballs 19:33 04 Jul 2011

Works fine on my 64bit laptop

  Snrub 22:16 04 Jul 2011

Works fine on my 64bit W7. Try Start/Control Panel/System and Security/System/Check the Windows Experience Index

  birdface 23:13 04 Jul 2011


I get to Control panel and System.There is no system and security.And no check the windows experience.

  Snrub 23:22 04 Jul 2011

Hi buteman I am running Windows7 Home Premium service pack 1. What is yours?

  birdface 23:25 04 Jul 2011

The same as yours.

  rdave13 23:29 04 Jul 2011

If it's a laptop it won't work on batteries. If Control panel is set to large or small icons you will get to System direct. If on category view you will need to navigate as per Snrub's instructions.

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