Windows Exception when using cd rom drives

  PARIS/FALLS/04 12:05 22 Jun 2004

I keep getting this on inserting any kind of software into the drive i was trying to install the software for BT Broadband when this happened.

Windows exception

0028:56000400 in VxD this was called from 0028:c1c28228 in VxD SCSi1hlp (03) + 00000508 it may be possible to continue normally.

But no its not continuing normally as i have to restart the pc each time this happens. I am running windows 98se

  Gongoozler 12:28 22 Jun 2004

This kind of behaviour can be caused if the file scsi1hlp.vxd has been replaced by an incompatible one. have a look in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS for scsi1hlp.vxd. Right click on the file and select "Properties". My version of this file is shown as version 4.10.1998, it is size 18.8KB (19,270 bytes), 24,576 bytes used.
If your file has changed, replace it with the original extracted from the Windows 98se cd using SFC.

  PARIS/FALLS/04 12:34 22 Jun 2004

Does this happen when you update verification as last week i checked SFC and i had a couple that had changed and thats what i done.

  PARIS/FALLS/04 12:56 22 Jun 2004

Gongoozler i have not managed to extract from windows 98 because as soon as i try to i keep getting the exception error and have to restart the P.C i did run SFC again and it came up with this file as being corrupted msexch40.dll is this connected in anyway.
i have tried by clicking on my computer and then going into windows explorer doesnt matter which way i try to access my system files i get the error each time.

  PARIS/FALLS/04 13:11 22 Jun 2004

i managed to get this information when i went into start find files or folders and typed in scsi1hlp.vxd

modified friday april 23 1999 and accessed tuesday june 22,2004
18.8kb (19,270 ) 32,768 bites used

the question is how do i replace the file without using my cd rom drive.

  Gongoozler 15:45 22 Jun 2004

I don't know the function of
msexch40.dll. A search via Google reveals that it is part of the Microsoft Jet ISAM (connected in some way with Visual Basic and Excel) click here, and that an ISAM is part of the way Windows manages its files click here.

In my system msexch40.dll is shown as version 4.00.2521.8, it is 488KB (499.984 bytes), 507904 bytes used.

If you replace any system files, it's a good idea first to save a copy of the original in case some application needs the updated version.

I suggest that you obtain replacement files, but keep this thread open for a time before you make any substitutions to see if you can get any more informed advice.

You can download the files from the internet

click here

click here

Alternatively, if you email me via the envelope alongside my nickname, I'll zip the files from my system and send them to you. I don't think your isp will let me send them unzipped.

  Gongoozler 15:53 22 Jun 2004

I've continued to search for ideas and come up with this one. Start your computer in Safe Mode, find the file scsi1hlp.vxd and rename it scsi1hlp.old. It appears that the file isn't really needed unless you have a scsi drive, and if Windows can't find it, it doesn't try to use it. If you get any problem when you restart your computer in Normal Mode, change the file back again.

  Gongoozler 15:58 22 Jun 2004

If you ars using Easy CD Creator, then this page offers similar advice click here.

  PARIS/FALLS/04 16:24 22 Jun 2004

i seem to have 2 of this file msexch40.dll should i have 2 of them?
Also i am using ashampoo cd recording suite 4

with regards to the file scsi1hlp when i restart into dos do i type this in scsi1hlp.vxd and enter as im not to sure what to do once in dos also when i download the file where do i save it and in which order do i do this download the file first then go into dos and rename the other file or is it the other way about.

Sorry to be a pain dont know a lot about computers.

  Gongoozler 16:41 22 Jun 2004

I can't say for certain how many incidents of msexch40.dll you should have. I have one in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. There is another file with a very similar name msexcl40.dll.

If you feel you need to replace the file, try doing it in Safe Mode. Open Windows Explorer. Navigate down to the appropriate folder, highlight the file you want to replace, right click on it and select "Rename". Rename the file, e.g. rename scsi1hlp.vxd as scsi1hlp.old. Then copy the new file from its temporary loacation and paste it into the new folder (in this case C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS).

First, though, try the idea of just renaming scsi1hlp.vxd as scsi1hlp.old.

  PARIS/FALLS/04 17:37 22 Jun 2004

Gongoozler i renamed the file as old and restarted the computer. Everything seems fine now i have access to my computer and windows explorer now and i put a cd into the drive and played it on my windows media player. So hopefull its ok now but to be safe i will keep the thread live untill tomorrow in case it crops up again.

I just want to thank you for all your help with my problem.


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