Windows error recovery on brand new Evesham laptop

  Paulee PC 00:06 30 Dec 2007

After presing start, windows error recovery message appears.
"Windows failed to start, a recent hardware/software change may be the problem, to fix, insert the recovery disc ( when I do nothing happens - If I am using the right disc!!??)

THe message gives me options to selct
Safe mode
Safe with networking
Safe with command prompt
Last known good config
Start windows normally

Which ever I select, it flashes up a Phoenix technology and Intelwindow briefly, beeps once, and returns to the Windows error message.

The laptop has been used on 5 occasions since the 25th December without any software/hardware changes to the origonal spec except MSM messenger. It worked OK on each occasion then this has happened

Confused of Evesham

  lotvic 00:34 30 Dec 2007

I think the usual drill is to put the recovery cd in and then reboot (with the cd still in).

/or if it has a hidden partition you have to press (F10 or F11 F12? - look in your manual) to get the recovery menu on screen

  Johnnybee 01:10 30 Dec 2007

Using the recovery disc is all very well, but unless the BIOS is set to boot from CD you will still go round in this endless loop.
Most BIOS chips have to be accessed by hitting either the 'DEL' or the F2 key on bootup;once there, if you go into advanced CMOS menu you will see an option called 'boot priority'.
Highlightit, hit >enter, then use the right-hand + and - keys to change the primary boot function to CDROM, and the secondary to HDD 0; the BIOS will then look for the CDROM, (with the recovery CD inserted) and go through the recovery process.
On reflection, as this is a new machine we're talking about here you should really take it back to the vendor and let them sort it out for you.

  birdface 09:14 30 Dec 2007

Try starting in safe mode.[Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.]If that works try last good confiuration.

  namtas 10:23 30 Dec 2007

Unless there is a very good reason which you havent mentioned I would not be messing about with it.
As Johnnybee suggests "You should really take it back to the vendor and let them sort it out for you"

  100andthirty 10:25 30 Dec 2007

phone them tomorrow; you'll need to be in front of the laptop with all the discs to hand. They'll talk you through the process.

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