Windows error message; Wrong volume in drive

  cowgirl66 18:27 02 May 2007

Hi all, I really hope someone out there can help me. It all began when I offered to copy a data CD for my nephew. Only because I recently rebooted XP I had to reintstall my Nero6 software to burn it and my Hewlitt Packard PSC 3180 to print off some instructions.

I set about installing the Nero6 software and that went in no problems. But I think what I did next was what caused the trouble I'm now having. Leaving the Nero6 Interface open, I then replaced the Nero disc for the HP printer disc and straightway got this error message come up; you know the one, with the red circle and white cross in it. It read, 'Wrong volume in drive. Please insert Volume Software into drive (Q:). I could see the Hewlitt Packard interface behind this error message but no way could I close the error message window. I tried Task Manager and that wouldn't budge it either.

I opened My Computer and noticed that instead of the Hewlitt Packard icon in the DVD drive there was the Nero installation icon instead with the name 'CDA_Default-Expr (Q:)

I had no option but to close down XP manually and restart it. I then did a System Restore and reinserted the Hewlitt Packard disc and this time there was no error message window appearing. But the icon in the DVD drive was still the Nero one with the altered name.

Curious as to what the Nero setup file might now be called, I reinserted that CD into the DVD drive and saw the icon was just the usual CDROM drive type, and it was now called SoftwareDisc.

Both applications run ok as far as I know, although I've only burnt the one CD so far and that had a lot of data on it.

I also noticed that when the Printer is plugged into the USB a Removable Disc (D:) icon now appears. I'mso flummoxed by all this I'm not sure if this should even be happening.

Any help would be much appreciated on this matter so if I've left out any details that would help sort me out, please ask.

Regards cowgirl66

  Technotiger 21:42 02 May 2007

Hi, to get the ball rolling here... open My Computer then right-click on your Local Disk C: icon and then on Properties, then on Tools and then under Error Checking click on Check now .....

if that does not sort it we will think of something else ...

PCA site has had a bit of a problem tonight, just re-started.

  Technotiger 21:46 02 May 2007

If first suggestion does not work try this -

Click on Start>Run>type msconfig hit enter, click on Startup tab on system configeration utility, uncheck the check-boxes next to all the items other than antivirus and firewall, click OK and restart the computer.

Keep your fingers crossed...

  Technotiger 22:13 02 May 2007

You should also run CCleaner click here this is like taking a dose of Andrews Liver Salts for the PC.

  skidzy 22:16 02 May 2007

Think your best bet here is to use System Restore to a time before you loaded the Nero and HP software.

Then load one,reboot and load the other.

Or just uninstall both,run ccleaner click here and reload the software one at a time with a reboot between.

  woodchip 22:25 02 May 2007

You have answered your own problem in you first post. Nero must have no fully loaded you should put the disc in when message comes up or remove Nero again from add remove programs. then reload it. Reboot the computer before trying to use Nero

  cowgirl66 09:35 03 May 2007

I followed your instructions and ran error-checking but it seems all is fine there...

I then went into MSCONFIG and removed the ticks from all except my antivirus and that didn't help either..

Good though, that I now know of the error checking facility; I've never done that before!

  cowgirl66 09:37 03 May 2007

I have run the CCleaner tool too so fingers crossed.

  cowgirl66 09:37 03 May 2007

I have run the CCleaner tool too so fingers crossed.

  cowgirl66 09:40 03 May 2007

I have already done a reboot to the day before I installed HP and Nero but that didn't alter anything. And what I'd like to know is, why is my DVD drive now labelled (Q:) Before I reinstalled XP with boot disc it was labelled as (D:) and my CD RW was (E:)

Very strange to me although there must be a perfectly valid reason?

  cowgirl66 09:44 03 May 2007

I have a sneaky feeling that that was what caused it.

Apologies to all that I haven't been back on PCA earlier but last night I simply couldn't get up the website at all. This is my first connection since I posted this thread!.

I have now uninstalled Hp software and Nero software with reboot in between each action. I have run CCleaner to get rid of old files and am now going to reinstall each one - with restart in between.

I am just hoping not to see that icon anymore.

I'll get back to you with the results

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