Windows-EasyTransfer won't send data to Ext. HD

  dkeat 10:20 07 Sep 2008


EasyTransfer isn't easy. I configured it to transfer the data from my existing pc to my external HD (which has plenty of space). I entered the correct path to the HD. Everything was set to go. When I hit "start" I got an error message back to this effect: "Windows-EasyTransfer. The choice of medium has caused a problem. Use another medium or drive or choose a different method of creating the transfer medium (FAT32).

I tried various things but I can't get it to start the transfer. There is no obvious reason. I backup files all the time to this HD. It works.

Does anyone have a clue here what the "problem" could be?

Many thanks,


  Taff™ 10:33 07 Sep 2008

It suggests that the external drive is formatted to NTFS not Fat32 or perhaps the reverse. Have you enough space to create the file on your own Internal Hard Disk, transfer the folder to the external HDD and then transfer it onto your new computer?

  Taff™ 10:34 07 Sep 2008

By that I mean move the folder to your new machine and then point the WET to the file on your new computers HDD.

  dkeat 13:11 07 Sep 2008

Hi Taff

Thanks very much for replying. You know, I had that same thought myself. My computer is running VISTA so I assume that the HD is formatted with NTFS. I haven't a clue how the external HD is formatted as I don't recall ever being asked to format it. I just bought it and it worked.

I do have enough space on my C: drive to transfer the data there. From there I could copy the folder to the external HD (I assume). I am just not sure how the scenario would play out when I try to move the data from the external HD to a new computer. If I would not encounter the same error.

I guess it would be possible to then copy the file from the external HD to the C: drive of the new computer and then run WET. That is what you are saying, right?

Do you have any idea why this is a problem (the NTFS/FAT incompatibility)? Would I have been able to format the external drive for NTFS? Could I still do so (obviously I would have to back up the data)?

Thanks again,


  Taff™ 13:40 07 Sep 2008

Most external drives are formatted FAT32 because older machines such as Win98 and MAC`s I think can use FAT32 - so it`s a good idea to leave it that way. Yes - Copy the file to external HDD and then to the new machine. When you run WET on the new machine you should be able to point it to the saved location on the new machines HDD.

  dkeat 14:54 07 Sep 2008

I did some research and a test. First of all you were correct. The problem is that the HD is FAT. But the reason is that FAT won't handle file large than, I believe, 4GB. The WET file is over 12GB. I ran WET to the local drive and that worked, but it was not possible to copy the resulting file to the external HD for the reason already mentioned. So I will have to reformat the external drive. That is possible, albeit a real pain as I will have to either lose my data or find some other means of backing it up while I make the change. In any case, you put me on the right track. Many thanks!


  Taff™ 06:45 08 Sep 2008

Why don`t you simply create a 15GB NTFS Partition on the external drive. I think that`s possible using the Vista Disk Management.

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