Windows Drive not ready?

  swanny2 12:51 30 Jan 2008

Im having a few problems this morning :O(
Im in the process of doing a Antispyware Scan ,and 2 mins into it i get a pop up- saying....
Windows Drive not ready ?
Excemption Proccessing Message xxxxxxx Parameter xxxxx
Whats all this about any 1 help please.
Swanny :O)

  Diemmess 16:53 30 Jan 2008

Two of many possible causes

More than one AV programme installed - in conflict.
One or more applications running in the background.

  wee eddie 17:09 30 Jan 2008

If you chose one without a disk in it. That might create such a display.

  aine 17:37 30 Jan 2008

Spyware terminator, if this is on my PC it continually pops up, unloaded it and it never comes back

  swanny2 18:57 30 Jan 2008

but i never chose any drive just opened spyware . run scan an it popped up . no ive only got Avg running, thanks

  swanny2 19:01 30 Jan 2008

i keep getting a pop up now saying Antispyware. ure home page has changed fro too do u wish too allow change . whats all that about . ?

  bof:) 20:18 30 Jan 2008

sounds as if you could have spyware on your pc.

Download AVG anti spyware program from here:

click here

install it,update it then reboot pc into safe mode and run it.

  tullie 19:54 01 Feb 2008

Swanny,can you please not use text speak,its annoying,and can be difficult to understand what your saying,cheers.

  swanny2 14:08 02 Feb 2008

eh tullie what rext speak ?

  wee eddie 18:07 02 Feb 2008

you want help ~ be pleasant and try to make your postings easy to understand. do u r8 urself

No-one has to offer you a solution.

Usually, when you open an Anti-Spyware Program, there is a box somewhere on the page, asking you to tick the Drives that you wish it to Scan.

Check that to see which Drives are ticked.

  swanny2 20:30 02 Feb 2008

eddie ive no idea wat ure on about mate be PLEASANT ive not said anything. im only askin what tullie was aon about test . ive no idea cant see it in my post . ok . thanks

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