windows is on drive H:

  keith-236785 00:19 23 Jul 2006

A friend at work is having problems with his system, someone in their wisdom when fitting a new hard drive for him and installing windows actually installed it onto drive H: instead of C:

now as you know most things default to install on drive C:, this is where his problem lies, some software he has installed has installed ok and works ok but when he saves the work it saves it to drive C:, drive C: doesnt exist and the program hangs trying to look for the drive. he has to reboot to get the cursor back, it sticks as a double headed arrow when moved away from the program window and as the eggtimer when it is over the window.

i have said i will go nad have a look for him with the thoughts of changing the drive letter back to C:, my question is will i then have to format and re-install windows again as surely the registry would all point to drive H: and windows would not then work at all?

the only other thing to do is to try to go through ALL his software and make sure everything points to drive H: as default, i tried to explain this to him but banging head on brick wall comes to mind.

he has 2 hard drives in the computer, the old one which for some reason is now drive D: and the new bigger drive H:, so i can at least copy everything over to D: so as to not lose any files.

but i want to avoid a re-install if i can, i will do it if there is no other way but only as a last resort.

also, if i take a norton ghost image of his drive onto DVD's, could i then write it back to drive C: or would the registry entries still point to H: (i think they would) but thought i would ask?

thanks a lot for any help/thoughts on this problem. its not something thats going to tax me too much and it may be simpler than i imagine but i want to be prepared before i go.


  rodriguez 02:00 23 Jul 2006

There should be a C: somewhere. I think that one of the drives might be partitioned, so you have the C: and D: on the same disk. The other hard drive registered as H: should have other drives in between that made it go as H:. You should copy all your work from H: to the other drive then switch them both over so that the biggest drive is on the primary master. Then reformat and reinstall Windows on that drive. And make sure it's registered as C: first.

  thms 09:23 23 Jul 2006

If he has xp installed right click on my computer select manage/disc management This will show you all the drives on his computer.

  Strawballs 09:43 23 Jul 2006

It might not have been inadvertently because my daughters hard drive failed so I bought a new one installed windows and it put itself as F C,D and E being the 2 rom drives and a mass storeage device and yes it can be a bit of a pain but I have not found anything that will not work.

My very first machine a Packard Bell K62 550meg with win98se preinstalled was designated Q.

  keith-236785 21:55 23 Jul 2006

thanks for the input, Strawballs, are you saying you changed the drive letter back to C: and everything worked ok or did you just leave it as it was. the original problem was supposedly a shedload of virus's on the original drive, my friend was advised to buy a new drive (dont laugh) and install windows to that, leaving the old drive in, thats what he i guess thats why windows went to H:, the old drive was formatted and left in the pc, its still there but empty....i have no idea where this so-called pc expert got his ideas from as a simple format/re-install of the infected drive would have been enough, but thats what we have to put up with. i have no problem taking the old drive out, partitioning his new drive, formatting and starting again, but i would rather avoid it if i can, but if all else fails then thats what i will do.

i will then put the old drive in as drive E: (new drive will be split into C: + D: cdrom will become F: and dvd burner will become G: and all should be sweet.

thanks for the ideas.

  keith-236785 21:58 23 Jul 2006

rodriguez, you make a very valid point about the new drive not being on the master connector, i hadnt considered that, i will have to check it out. thanks for that one.

  Strawballs 09:15 25 Jul 2006

I have not changed it I left it as it was because windows will not allow you to change the drive with the O/S. C is her DVD rewriter. As for windows being on a slave drive I don't think that would work I think it has to be on master. My daughters has 2 hard drives but the O/S is on F which is the master on the IDE channel and the second 1 is G the slave.

  keith-236785 11:09 26 Jul 2006

i have ticked as resolved but i still have to go and sort it all out. if i have any problems then i will come back and add to this thread. thanks for those who offered help.

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