windows disc,

  scolley 21:53 02 Jul 2007

I have found a windows disc which i am thinking of puting on a comp i bought for my daighter, on this disc it has windows XP, mite Prof, then a load of numbers and letters could this be the key code for it,

  Technotiger 22:02 02 Jul 2007

Is it an original XP disk? Original disks are Gold in colour, but they never show the Key - this is always kept separate from the disk. If it is a copy with the number put on with a pen, then it is illegal.

  skidzy 22:08 02 Jul 2007

Chances are the os is in use on another computer somewhere,therefore you will be loading a pirated version.

To cut it short,buy a new disc scolley.

Sorry to be blunt,but if you can prove to Microsoft the operating system is no longer in use on another pc/laptop,you may get lucky.

Your main problem will be the activication.

  scolley 22:25 02 Jul 2007

cheers again im stuck then with a comp i bought with a copied microsoft windows XP pROFESSIONAL VERSION 2002 SERVICE PACK 2,AND AM STILL TRYING TO GET WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER ON IT,

  Technotiger 22:35 02 Jul 2007

A legal XP disk is not terribly expensive these days, so this should be your way to go, especially as it is for your daughter!

  skidzy 22:35 02 Jul 2007

Try downloading version 7.5 click here

As you are using a copied version of windows Scolley,i dont think you will get much help.
We would be breaking forum guidelines as its classed as a pirated version.

Sorry,im afraid its as far as i can help.

Your best bet is to buy a new xp disc from somone like Ebuyer and do a fresh install.

  scolley 22:41 02 Jul 2007

cHEERS AND THANK YOU I DONT WANT TO BREAK ANY LAWS I JUST DONE AN avg VIRUS SCAN ON IT AND IT FOUND 27 TROJAN HORSE thay are in the virus vault what do you do with them once in there, think i will keep this as a test comp for me now for making mistakes and learn the hard way hey, £150 down the pan then ,

  umbongo(uk) 22:47 02 Jul 2007

if it is a copied version of xp
then when you update you will get a popup saying its a copie when ever you boot the pc

  hiwatt 22:56 02 Jul 2007

As long as the trojans are quarintined and in the virus vault they can do no harm although if you like you can just delete them from the vault altogether.I would also do a scan with avg anti spyware as this could find lots of nasties too.

  scolley 23:12 02 Jul 2007

umbongo (uk) when i go to windows updates it says internet explorer has encounterted a problem and needs to close,

  scolley 23:28 02 Jul 2007

look like the screw drivers are coming out and its going to be canabanlised 160gb hard drive in it, hdo i have to wipe it clean dvd rom and dvd rewriter 16.Xmax its an acer Aspire proview screen, could i use this hard drive in my packhard bell, any idea's what else are of any use some time,

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