windows dir - memory.dmp file found. .99gb?

  second best 17:30 12 Apr 2004

hi. while searching thru the win dir for a misc file, i noticed this little fellow, taking up nearly 1 gig of space.

  woodchip 17:33 12 Apr 2004

As you say it looks fishy, But have you got XP

  woodchip 17:34 12 Apr 2004

Try moving it to a different folder to see what happens

  bremner 17:43 12 Apr 2004

Windows creates memroy dump files when it shuts down unexpectedly.

click here;en-us;316450&Product=winxp and you will see it is nothing fishy.

  bremner 17:43 12 Apr 2004

Sorry about the link it is:

http: //;en-us;316450&Product=winxp

Remove the spaces each side of the //

  second best 17:48 12 Apr 2004

yes i do have xp, this file is 1 gig in size, is it necessary to keep, or can i remove it

  bremner 17:50 12 Apr 2004

As it says in the link

"You may want to store a complete memory dump or a kernel memory dump to analyze it or to provide it to Microsoft Product Support Services during a case."

If you do not want it for theses reasons then delete it.

  second best 00:29 13 Apr 2004

ok, thanks all.

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