Is Windows Desktop Search really needed??

  Sabi 00:27 27 Nov 2006


Couple of months ago, I found Windows Desktop Search icon in my system tray without I had downloading it!!

Every time I run the mouse over it, it reads: "Indexing is paused while you use your computer"

Could anyone tell me what is WD Search really for and does it slow down the computer?

Sabi :)

  powerless 00:31 27 Nov 2006

It just allows for lightning fast searches of your computer. Much faster than the default search.

For it to be fast it needs to go through your HDD and index everything. With modern hardware [you haven't stated your PC spec] perforance taxing will be minimal.

If you search alot and require fast searches, keep it; otherwise dump it.

  Forum Editor 00:36 27 Nov 2006

Yes, it's a processor overhead, but not enough to worry you. In fact, with a modern computer you shouldn't notice anything.

I don't bother with it myself, but then I rarely need to run a file search on my machines; I have a filing system that enables me to get at anything pretty quickly.

  Kate B 00:59 27 Nov 2006

It's very good, I use it and I prefer it to either Google desktop search or Copernic. It's particularly good if you know you've got something in an email but don't want to wade through a bursting inbox.

  Sabi 01:14 27 Nov 2006

Thanks for your replies :)

As my main problem is; “the slow speed” I am trying to limit the number of processes running. One of which I thought could be "Windows Desktop Search"!

I have done everything you can think of to recover the speed in my computer and I couldn't

I am with Aol and they've said; that the slow speed could be from my modem (BT Voyager 100)which has not yet been upgraded! They suggested that I should do that ASAP !!!

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