Windows DEP problem

  Trikie 11:21 07 Jul 2010

I've had a message from Virgin Media giving a link to change my e-mail settings. Having checked with their website that it's genuine I tried to use it but Windows DEP blocked access.

Looked at the DEP instructions which say I can turn this off for a specified programme. Followed the instructions to do this OK until getting to "find the executable file for the program (it will have an .exe file extension)"

The are 5 files in the Outlook Express prgrammes folder - msimn, oemig50, setup50, wab and wabmig - and none have an.exe extension.

I'm using XP with SP3 on a 3 month old PC.

How effective is DEP and can I turn it off altogether?

  mgmcc 11:48 07 Jul 2010

>>> The are 5 files in the Outlook Express prgrammes folder - msimn, oemig50, setup50, wab and wabmig - and none have an.exe extension

You have got Windows Explorer set to "Hide extensions for known file types", so you cannot see the 'exe' extension, but the executable for Outlook Express is MSIMN

I'd be inclined to turn off DEP temporarily when necessary but otherwise have it enabled.

  provider 2 11:55 07 Jul 2010

I don`t think DEP has ever inspired much confidence, though it must have seemed like a good idea when it was first introduced.

Getting it to play nicely by setting it to apply to all, then making a list of exceptions, I`ve found to be a rather hit and miss affair and being essentially a security feature, nobody will be too happy about turning it off altogether.

Usually, it`s a compromise: set it to apply to Windows only and hope you don`t hear from it.

Perhaps in this case, though, it would be better to tell Virgin Media about your problem and see what they have to say about it.

  Trikie 23:36 07 Jul 2010

Thanks. Tried again with msimn but DEP still blocks it. How do I turn it off temporarily or even delete it altogether?

  robin_x 10:57 08 Jul 2010
  provider 2 11:03 08 Jul 2010

Turning off DEP isn`t an option that Ms recommends and deleting it isn`t possible, I think, its being very much part of the OS.

Instead, different configuration options can be made but always the first choice is to contact the software (or hardware) developer to see if an update is available that will allow whatever it is to work with DEP and not set off any warnings.

If nothing else will work, then the Always on/ Always off selection has to be made, using a command prompt ... slightly different in XP from Vista and Windows 7. This from Wiki will explain; scroll down to Configuration: click here

(I still think Virgin Media should have the answer to this one, since yours can`t be the only DEP warnings their new software is setting off.)

  mgmcc 13:52 08 Jul 2010

This page click here has links for you to configure your email program manually with the altered settings. There are details for,, and

Post back if you need step by step instructions to configure Outlook Express Manually.

  Trikie 19:45 08 Jul 2010

Thanks. I put the question to the Virgin e-mail users forum and got this very helpful replyclick here

Looks like it's a hangover from the past.

  Sea Urchin 20:19 08 Jul 2010

So are you saying that you feel you don't need to change your settings in Outlook Express? It's best to do it manually as per mgmcc's link above. If you don't then your email may stop working.

  Trikie 21:32 08 Jul 2010

No, I just thought that the info about DEP might interest some of the forum experts.

I've looked at mgmcc's link and would like to take up his kind offer of step by step instructions.

  Sea Urchin 21:42 08 Jul 2010

Sorry - I misunderstood you. When you said it was a hangover from the past I thought perhaps you meant it wasn't relevant any longer.

I'm sure mgmcc will return to guide you through the instructions.

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