Windows Defender - Sufficient

  Legslip 11:38 01 Aug 2009

I have just ourchased a new PC and have installed AVG (free) antivirus. The PC came with Windows Defender pre-installed. Is Win Def sufficient, together with AVG, to prevent spyware, trojans etc from infecting my PC?

  Pine Man 11:41 01 Aug 2009

I am assuming you have Vista?

On that basis you also have a Firewall as well as Defender with Vista and that used alongside AVG will certainly help to keep you free from attack.

In addition you probably also have a firewall on your router.

  Legslip 11:48 01 Aug 2009

Thanks Pine Man. Yes it is Vista. I would like to have the confidence to stick with Defender as it is active I believe rather than passive like Spybot or Ad Aware.

  Pine Man 11:55 01 Aug 2009

Defender carries out scans on your PC for spyware.

To prevent spyware getting to your PC you need SpywareBlaster. click here

  birdface 12:18 01 Aug 2009

I would say not.
Leave it the way it is and you will be back shortly.
skidzy has a good selection of freebies and I am sure someone will post the link on here for you to have a look at.
My favorite is A Squared pay for lets nothing by.
You get the odd false positive which it normally sorts out with its next update.And the odd pop ups wanting you to allow or deny programs and cookies.
others will have there own favorites but I suppose this is worth a look.

click here

Anyhow best of luck with your new computer I hope that you get everything sorted out.

  Pine Man 12:45 01 Aug 2009

It's entirely a matter for you.

I run Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, AVG (free) and SpywareBlaster. I have never, never had any virus, malware or spyware.

It is very easy to become paranoid (not a criticism of Buteman). The only other thing you might want to consider is a spam filter.

  Pine Man 12:48 01 Aug 2009 computer is permanently connected to the internet 12 hours a day every day.

  birdface 13:03 01 Aug 2009

[I have never, never had any virus, malware or spyware.]

Have you checked.I will tell you now that what you have will not stop attacks.Maybe you do not browse a lot I do not know if so possibly you may be Ok with what you have,

I was up in Scotland 3 weeks ago.Visited the nephew who has the exact same security as yourself.
Ive never had a virus or any problems with my computer he said.
I said lets download Malwarebytes just to see if it finds anything.It is always a good program to have on your computer anyhow.
30 odd problems it found on his computer with a high count of Trojan's and password steelers amongst them.
So much for a clean computer.
i am not saying every one has those sort of problems but if you do not check you will not find out.

  Legslip 13:46 01 Aug 2009

Getting Interesting! Dear Buteman and Pineman. Isn't downloading malwarebytes a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted? If it finds these problems isn't it likely that any hacker has already used them? That's why I am not sure about such programmes as Ad-Aawre or Spybot. You have to run 'em to see if there are any problems. Surely it's best to have an active monitoring programme that monitors whats going on as it is actually happening? I am not argueing and thank you for your interest and advice, just developing an interesting discussion.

  Pine Man 13:53 01 Aug 2009

I accept readily everything you say BUT, and there's always a but, I have carried out checks and never found a thing. I am not talking weeks or months I'm talking many years with a lot of browsing.

As I said I am not suggesting you are paranoid and I sometimes wonder how some of the people who post here with 101 various antivirus/malware/spyware/firewall programs still seem to get into the most terrible trouble!

Funny old world ain't it!

  birdface 14:26 01 Aug 2009

[Isn't downloading Malwarebytes a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted? ]True but they must have got by W/defender and AVG in the first place.
Malwarebytes just cleans up the mess left behind.I do believe the pay for version gives you full time protection as I only have the free version I cannot comment on how good it is.
[Paranoid] possibly.But you need the latest security to fight the latest Malware attacks.
If Windows Defender went to a vote as to how popular it was I would imagine the vote would probably be split 50-50.Not a great average I would not think.Some like it some don't.
now as I see it you either take the casual approach or the Paranoid approach.
I know which one I would pick.

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