Windows Defender freezing

  Procrastinus 16:53 13 Nov 2007

Any one had a problem with Defender freezing during a full system scan? Mine seem to grind to a halt at C:\System Volume Information\
Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

  birdface 17:04 13 Nov 2007

I would try another scan using An Anti-Spyware Program and an Anti-Virus Program,Sometimes you get Viruses in System volume and cannot be repaired with Normal scans.You could try this free here and see if it finds anything.And if you don't have another Anti-Spyware Program I would download one,Loads of good free ones out there.

  Procrastinus 21:37 13 Nov 2007

Thank you, buteman, I'll try it out. I have already deleted A squared because it also froze. Spybot and AntiSpyware go through a treat on full scans. I just do not know if I have a problem or not!! I have noted the current agro with Ad-Aware 2007, and am ignoring those scans. Thank you again.

  birdface 21:56 13 Nov 2007

What anti-virus have you got and what Firewall do you have.I have had A Squared for a long time and have never had any problems with it.You certainly have enough Spyware Programs.I have never liked W/Defender but there is a few on here that like it.Oops Antispyware,What one is that.Is it SuperAntispyware that you mean.

  Procrastinus 08:41 14 Nov 2007

Hi,buteman. I have Zone Alarm firewall and antispyware programmes are Defender, SuperAntiSpyware, AVGAS , Ad-Aware and Spybot (with Tea Timer off). I have removed Asquared as it too froze. They all seem to root out different problems which is why I seem to have so many. They have not 'mutually interfered' with each other before so I don't think that can be the source of trouble, but what do you think? Thanks.

  Andsome 09:01 14 Nov 2007

I uninstalled Windows defender ages ago as have many others. In all the time I used it, it NEVER found anything, while other anti Malware programs did.

  birdface 09:35 14 Nov 2007

No problem.You can have as many Anti-Spyware programs as you like.Is your computer working Ok at the moment.If you are still having problems with Defender have you tried up-dating it first or does it have an automatic up-date.I suppose you could un-install it.Run C Cleaner then re-install it,Or just un-install it.It is a bit like Norton some like it some don,t maybe it has improved a lot since the early days.I used to have Norton years ago and it used to get stuck in System Volume.Virus found but could never get rid of it.Maybe they are harder to remove from there.I dont know if you use WinPatrol or not.It just puts a little icon in your quick start and lets you know if anyone is trying to change any of your programs it also protects your Host file etc,Well worth is free or a one off payment for the pro here Just check about every 3 months for up-dates,it runs in the background and you hardly notice it is there.

  Procrastinus 11:27 14 Nov 2007

Hullo again, buteman. I tried to run ESET as you suggested - and guess what, it stuck on the same file as all the others scanners. The file is C:\System Volume Information\ I opened it in Run and it appeared empty (I have checked the box for displaying all hidden files/folders) Murky waters! Any further suggestions. the computer seem to be working OK. Off now to try WinPatrol!

  birdface 14:41 14 Nov 2007

If Empty it should be safe to delete it,But I would wait until someone else can confirm it.

  Procrastinus 16:37 14 Nov 2007

Wise to get confirmation! What a great utility WinPatrol is, so many thanks for that. I'm working my way through. You are right, without the Plus version it is rather limited.

  birdface 15:57 15 Nov 2007

Nobody come back yet to let you know if it safe to delete that File or not.I don't want to say yes in case it stops your audio working or something like that,You will probably have to leave this thread open until until one of the experts can advise you.Best of luck.

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