windows defender - best free spyware blocker??

  pookie 17:26 01 Oct 2006


Is it better than ad aware and spy bot for not only removing spyware/malware but also from stopping it comming though in the first place?? If not then what is the best free spyware blocker/remover??

Many thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 17:45 01 Oct 2006

AS well as AdAware an dSpyBot, try Spyware Blaster which combined with a little common sense, will keep your PC free of infection.

  birdface 19:16 01 Oct 2006

Hi, Ive used Windows defender for a while now,So far I don't think it has found any problems on my computer, It may mean that the other programs I have installed are doing there job,I was thinking about getting rid of it,As It does nothing + finds nothing,Surplus to requirements,Other folk may dissagree, but i am sure they will come in and tell you, It's just my experiance with it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:19 01 Oct 2006

I use Windows Defender on its' own with AVG and no firewall and with a modicum of common sense, I have had no problems at all.


  birdface 19:26 01 Oct 2006

Should have said, I also use A Squared + Ewido Anti spyware, Both are free, And do a good job safeguarding your computer,

  ACOLYTE 19:44 01 Oct 2006

The only sure fire way not to get malware/viri is not to use the net,if you do then at some point you will get something no matter what protection you have.
To think something is surplus to requirements only tends to weaken what defence you have in place,you never know when something will be needed
just because it finds no faults doesn't mean it isn't working,it just means that for now what protection you have is doing what it should.

Some people seem to think they don't need protection,but when it hits the fan they post on here so they can can get help for there incompetence and to be honest down right stupidity in thinking they are somehow immune to everything.

  mikef. 19:50 01 Oct 2006

Remember Defender also includes Real-time spyware protection. Which as it says "Windows Defender alerts you when spyware or potentially unwanted software attempts to install itself or run on your computer. It also alerts you when programs attempt to change important Windows settings."

Well worth keeping I think

  RobCharles1981 19:51 01 Oct 2006

I use

AVG and Zone Alarm

Windows Defender


  gudgulf 19:58 01 Oct 2006

Since it is based heavily on the old GIANT antispyware engine (same as used by SunBelts CounterSpy).Both seemed to get test results of everything else on the market so I have every confidence in Defenders abilities.

If there is a problem with it(apart from being in Beta),it is that Microsoft have chosen to have it run,by default,in the background.It rarely appears unless it detects any malware on a scan and never seems to warn you of anything it blocks with its active protection.

Those of us with some experience may like to see that things are being blocked, and have some input into what is going on with programs we choose to run.But for the vast majority of pc users, an unobtrusive application running in the background that just gets on with the job is almost certainly a good thing.

  gudgulf 20:02 01 Oct 2006

Err..first paragraph is nonsense.

Should read

It is based heavily on..........


Both seemed to get the best test results of everything on the market......

One day will learn to type and/or read!!

  pookie 21:24 01 Oct 2006

many thanks for all the replies.

I know that you should only use one anti virus program. But does it matter with anti spyware if you use several that have real time defense/guards or could that cause conflicts. I ask as windows defender has real time defence and I have an anti spyware as part of zonealarm security suite which is real time defense as well.

Many thanks


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