windows defender

  Gwynedd 14:52 22 Mar 2011

Have turned off Windows Defender as it turns off Windows whenever I do a manual scan - infrequently - it appears (perhaps)not to like System Mechanic Pro System Shield, which does the same turn-off thing. Compatibility? Now Windows keeps warning me of "multiple security problems" although checking with System Mechanic everything is well protected and all its several security systems running. Am I okay to have turned off Windows Defender? Or will I have further problems. I prefer to keep my System Mechanic Pro 'toolbox'

  birdface 15:13 22 Mar 2011

I have never used and have not heard of system mechanic so not sure how good it is.
But if you want to switch W/Defender off best doing it under services and disable it on there.
Remember though there is not 1 security program out there that will keep your computer virus free.
If there were we would all be using it.

  Woolwell 16:19 22 Mar 2011

Windows Defender isn't that good and I don't bother with it on my system. Windows however doesn't seem to be recognising the iola anti-virus system, which is part of Security Mechanic Pro, and that could well be why you are getting the multiple security warnings. My understanding is that iola is a basic but adequate anti-virus program and there are better out there . I am not a great fan of these registry programs, especially if you have to pay for them, and have found that they can cause more problems than they solve. CCleaner which is free will do just as good a job plus some of the free antivirus programs and firewalls.
BTW what is your OS?

  Gwynedd 08:36 23 Mar 2011

Thanks Woolwell. Am running Vista, I used to have System Mechanic 10, with (successfully running alongside Windows Defender) AdAware and Avast Anti Virus When I upgraded to SM Pro it made me uninstall them.

  Woolwell 10:02 23 Mar 2011

You should not have 2 anti-virus programs running so Avast and System Mechanic Pro together would cause a problem. It's a pity that you paid for the pro version. Suggest you turn off Windows Defender.

Personally I would cut my losses and ditch System Mechanic Pro as I think Avast is better.

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