Windows Defender

  Newuser4608 17:35 01 Apr 2009

Every time I start my laptop, running Windows XP, I get the message "A system change was made by a known application. Change Type: Application Registration. Application - C:\program files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe". Do I need this?

  Taff™ 18:01 01 Apr 2009

It happens with Vista too so you`re not alone. Either ignore it or just remove Defender from add/remove - on XP it isn`t worth much anyway and has never found anything on my XP machines.

  rawprawn 18:29 01 Apr 2009

You can't remove defender in Vista, however
click here

  rawprawn 18:32 01 Apr 2009

Sorry you are XP,If I remember correctly go to Start > Run > type msconfig and then in the start up tab untick Windows Defender and reboot.

  Andsome 18:40 01 Apr 2009

Windows Defender is a complete waste of space.

  Taff™ 06:32 02 Apr 2009

Defender was initially released as a beta version for XP, many moons ago, and I recommended it to everyone as a freebie from Microsoft! 12 Months later I came to a (semi) rapid conclusion that it actually did nothing, caught nothing and therefore am still removing it systematically from friends machines. It had better not be in Windows 7 otherwise I`m going to complain to the European Courts!

  Newuser4608 09:01 02 Apr 2009

Thanks everyone. I will remove it.

  Newuser4608 09:07 02 Apr 2009


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