Windows Defender

  ste76 00:06 09 Sep 2007

How many of you using WD joined Microsoft Spynet with an advanced membership?

I just wondered, because I keep reading about people uninstalling it because, "it never found anything."

Don't people realise it doesn't alert you unless you choose "Advanced Membership?"

  rdave13 00:26 09 Sep 2007

Tried it for a good while. Running both XP and Vista. Uninstalled on XP and disabled on Vista.
Not for me and have alternative programs that keep me in good stead. Each to their own and if you find Defender a good anti malware/spyware then good for you.

  birdface 09:15 09 Sep 2007

I agree with rdave13 not for me either.Its like Norton you either hate it or like it.

  holme 10:27 09 Sep 2007

We find Defender does exactly what it says on the tin, with regular signature updates (typically 2-3 per week) and occasionally finding and quarantining a potential nasty.

Although (as ste76 says) it doesn't alert you, it's worth looking in Quarantine occasionally to see what it's found. And contrary to what many people believe, it /does/ find things (the fact that it doen't on someone else's machine may simply be that they haven't visited the sites containing malware etc. Or even bothered to download and install any signature updates...).

All that said, it's arguably a Good Thing to run it in parallel with one or more other anti-spyware progs. They may well find something which Defender doesn't but, on the other hand, we've had a couple of cases where Defender got in first! Either way, it's all good for peace of mind.

  Lettervanman 11:33 09 Sep 2007

I run Defender and S&D. Neither have ever found a thing. Perhaps that's because I also run,(shock! horror!) NIS 2007.

  provider 2 12:51 09 Sep 2007

I`ve been running Defender for months and have just checked Quarantine to see what`s what.Result? Zilch, as usual.

It runs the required check daily and updates automatically but that`s about it. I joined up but only with basic membership, to see if that would make any difference, but again, silence.

I keep hoping Ms will decide to improve it but maybe that`s not what they have in mind.

  holme 16:07 09 Sep 2007

By definition, the only way you'll get something to appear in Defender's Quarantine listing is to download something and/or visit sites with nasties on them that are included in Defender's signature files.

In 2007 to date, on my own machine, Defender has intercepted 2 nasties; Ashampoo Anti-spyware 3; S&D only 1. So pretty average? Conclusions:

a) Running two or more anti-spyware progs in parallel is a sensible, safety-first policy.

b) On these admittedly limited numbers, Defender isn't necessarily any worse - or better - than any others. But clearly it would be quite wrong, and very unfair, to say that Defender is (someone's recent quote) "Absolutely useless".

  provider 2 16:47 09 Sep 2007

Agreed. On the other hand it would be nice, even something of a welcome novelty, if it found something that Spybot, SuperAntispyware or A-Squared (I run them all) did not find.

  blanco 16:49 09 Sep 2007

that in the most recent issue of Which Computing Defender got the top rating in the Anti-Spyware category.

  holme 16:55 09 Sep 2007

In my own case, the 2 things it found to date this year were not found by either Ashampoo or S&D. I can only guess that maybe it saw and quarantined them first, before the others got a butchers! Or perhaps neither Ashampoo or S&D had them in their signature files (updated typically daily).

But I really don't mind which one finds the
nasties - so long as one of 'em does! :-)

  provider 2 17:08 09 Sep 2007

There has been only one thing found on my system recently: Blubster, found by A-Squared but none of the others.

I haven`t seen Defender do too well in any of those tests before but maybe things are changing.

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