Windows dead...motherboard problem? Worm?

  greenfeld69 09:30 02 Mar 2005

Hi all

My PC recently had problems with games such as Half Life 2 and I was getting BSODs such as IRQ_LESS_THAN_EQUAL and random memory crashes. I ran Memtest etc. and found thousands of errors.

I then replaced the RAM (or the warranty did) to no avail. It was then decided that they would replace the motherboard and processor, last week, which was fine by me as I got a quicker chip.

So, after they went I played Half Life 2 and it worked much better though would eventually fall over with the memory problem again. I then got the occassional BSOD (as above). The most recent problem was that EXE files would give me problems on install, either from the hard drive or CD, stating it couldn't extract files or that the files were corrupt.

I also started getting CRC CHECK FAILED messages when installing a game (and I think on another occassion too).

One attempt at System Restore later, which gave me the same corrupt/can't extract messages, and I can't get Windows back on. It crashes during the restore process and then, of course, won't boot to Windows (it gets nowhere near - DLLs missing, etc.).

Does this sound like a memory problem? I've tried using both sticks of 512Mb, one of them in each slot, etc. all to no avail. Or have they supplied me with another crap motherboard? Or is it a worm on the boot sector or somewhere?

Any suggestions welcome, I am at my wit's end and the warranty support is rubbish - they took weeks to get hold of a motherboard.

  Jeffers22 11:13 02 Mar 2005

A full description of your PC spec may help. Make, model, mobo - including chipset manufacturer, RAM, graphics, sound, modem, OS - including version.

  greenfeld69 11:17 02 Mar 2005

It's a P4 3.4Ghz, Thermaltake Butterly 450W PSU, Radeon Pro 9800, 1 Ghz RAM. Windows XP SP2.

  gudgulf 11:29 02 Mar 2005

When your motherboard/cpu was replaced did they reinstall Windows at the same time?

  greenfeld69 11:30 02 Mar 2005

No, didn't do anything.

  Jeffers22 11:34 02 Mar 2005

May be a good shout from gudgulf. If the new mobo is significantly different from the original (chipset etc) you would need to reinstall XP so that the driver setup is correct.

Don't think it's a memory problem.

  greenfeld69 11:37 02 Mar 2005

If you re-read, though, the Recovery CD doesn't work!

I think it's the HDD, they're getting me a new one.

  Jeffers22 12:02 02 Mar 2005

You didn't actually say you used the restore CD, just "one attempt at System Restore" and "install, either from hard drive or CD" Still, I probably should have realised that it would be a recovery CD! Put it down to age and infirmity! lol

If it is a System Restore CD then it will surely be set up to mirror the original hardware spec - i.e. mobo and drivers for same, and that could be the cause of the CD install not working. I think you need to point this out to tech support and tell them that you need a new recovery CD now that the mobo has been changed.

See here re CRC check failed click here

  greenfeld69 12:05 02 Mar 2005

Cheers, I'll keep that in mind.

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