Windows is dead

  Thomo1 11:29 05 May 2005

My little cousin has been at her most desructive.......again.

This time she has killed the damn thing.


Windows is missing/or corrupted the configuration file in the system32 folder.

Followed instructions off microsoft website to rectify the problem, word by word.

Plot thickens. That fix did not do anything but to knacker things up further and now windows will not load at all.

Enter XP disk and run set-up to install windows over itself - setup will not run properly.

It starts loading files and will randomly choose to stop and the whole screen goes blue and nothing works so you hae to restart the computer.

Run setup again and it finally finishes loading the files but when it attempts to restart windows again it goes blue and does nothing.

I cannot run setup to get to the screen where you can install on partitions as it will not run properly.

The computer is unusable. Cannot boot of xp disk, cannot enter safe mode, cannot enter windows at all.

Does any1 know anything that will help this problem.

The mother would much like to fix this without taking to a tech guy cuz it dont sound like a 30 minute 20quid job!!

  Indigo 1 12:01 05 May 2005

In 30 minutes you can connect the affected Hard Drive to another PC as a slave then copy all valuable stuff and format the drive then put it back into the PC and re-boot with the Windows CD in. It should then take about 30 mins more to install Windows.

  TomJerry 12:16 05 May 2005

but, you need to backup all useful stuff first, so this is where a tech guy come

  Thomo1 12:16 05 May 2005

do you know why setup will not run properly m8?

  Thomo1 12:17 05 May 2005

how can i format the hard disk please? Also back anyhting up?

I cannot get into windows and also i cannat get setup to even reach the installation section of the disk.

  woodchip 12:29 05 May 2005

Look hear you find something click here

  Indigo 1 12:40 05 May 2005

Do you have a second computer which you can work with ?

  sattman 12:47 05 May 2005

Can you not use a start up disk to allow you into safe mode and then in safe mode do a system restore?

  Thomo1 13:20 05 May 2005

indigo - yes i do i have mine.

sattman - where do i get a start-up disk from?

  handful 13:22 05 May 2005

If the problem is with the missing or corrupt windows/system32/config/system file and you made any kind of error in typing with the recovery mode commands, you will have to reformat and start again. Have you tried running setup for a fresh installation rather than a repair installation? If not, try it and it will also give you the option of reformatting. If you need to back up anything, you could try installing a second copy of windows. If you are able to do this you can get access to the files on your other installation although no programmes will run as the registry settings will all be wrong. Good luck!

  Thomo1 13:26 05 May 2005

handful - i have tried to run setup for a fresh installation, a repair and also a install over an install but setup will not run properly.

It gets as far as loading files (across the bottom of the page) and then randomnly shuts off and stops loading files!

It does screen 1,2,3 from this next link but wont get to 4.

[url]click here[/url]

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