Windows could not start....corrupt or missing file

  Liverbird 11:50 27 Sep 2006

I sometimes loose my connection, the PC re-starts, then I'm given the message that windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

'windows 2000 root \system32\ntoskrnl.exe.

(I've omitted some of the symbols because I don't know how to do get them on my keyboard).

I get the same message if the PC tries to enter Setup, on start-up. (the current default is to set-up. I have to arrow up to Windows and enter. Why? Parner has forgotten how to cancel this option).

This problem only started during the solution to another problem (my slow conncection since McAfee Updated). I eventually followed the advice in my thread to remove McAfee, and to download AVG and Zone Alarm. The result is excellent. But before this my partner had tried to solve the problem by re-installing Windows. He wasn't successful in the re-install, but I have been left with the two problems above.

Can anybody talk me through the solutions.I appreciate this opportunity, and any thoughts. Thanks.

  chub_tor 15:30 27 Sep 2006

Here's a Microsoft link to get you going again click here;EN-US;124550

  Field Division 23:44 27 Sep 2006

The following notes assume an XP environment. The steps are similar for both 2000 and 2003 environments.
Boot to the recovery console.

Turn on the computer, pop in the Windows XP CD.
Reboot the computer. If the Windows XP CD does not boot up, then reboot, go into the BIOS and configure the "boot order" to boot from CD first. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Select R for Recovery.
After getting to the Recovery Console prompt, make certain that you are in the C:\Windows path for XP (assuming that XP is on C:, that Windows was installed into the \Windows directory, and that your hard disk is readable).

Change to your CD drive - by typing "D:", "E:" or "F:" etc. -- this varies per system but is most often: D:
Change to i386 path by typing:cd i386

Copy necessary files to root path (C: in this case) of winxp installation by typing:

copy ntldr C:
copy C:
Change back to your windows path:
cd windowsAttempt to fix the boot record:

fixboot c:
Try restarting machine - if still nothing - go back into recovery console by booting from cd Then run:

fixmbr c:If it does work but you are getting an annoying boot.ini message everytime you restart your PC now go back into recovery console as above and run:

bootcfg /?
Be certain to select c:\windows as the boot installation.
If you need to find about boot commands go here click here

  Liverbird 14:19 28 Sep 2006

Hi, Thanks for the trouble you took, but I don't have XP (wish I did, but can't afford to buy it at the moment). I've got Windows 2000 Proffessional. I've looked at the link provided by chub_ur which has 3 possible solutions. I'm a novice so I need help with this (from my partner, who can't do it at the mo'). I'm wary of trying to do it myself, although any help here is greatly appreciated, as I prefer to be independant.
Thanks both of you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:09 29 Sep 2006

click here

to download a boot disk for windows 2000

if it gets into windows then as Field Division
copy ntldr and from the i386 folder to the root (base) of C drive.

  iscanut 17:34 29 Sep 2006

For Boot Disks, have a look here also...
click here

  Liverbird 17:36 29 Sep 2006

I clicked on your link and downloaded the file (run AVG on to make sure safe)then unzipped it as instructed. I was looking for the file to see how to copy it to CD and found another file on my pc by the name 'windows2000_boot_disc' and a date in 2002 (probably the date Windows 2000 was put on my PC) which I didn't know was there. So I'm half way there. I need to put the boot file onto a cd or dvd now don't I? I cannot find how to do this, despite opening up Nero. So, I'm going to ask my frazzled partner later if he'll help me from here. I'll come back on here when there is anything else to report, or if I/we get stuck. Thanks again.

  Liverbird 17:41 29 Sep 2006

I just posted message when yours appeared. Thanks anyway.

  Liverbird 00:18 30 Sep 2006

One of the problems that I originally talked about is fixed. PC now boots up ok.
I only have one problem, that the PC sometimes re-starts all by itself. I haven't had the message about an internal Setup error today, but it must still be there. I don't therefore need a Boot_Disk, Do I? (as it boots up!). What I need is a repair of Windows, or at least a scan to check if it needs repairing. So, with that thought in mind I will us the Windows Disc to Repair, with a little bit of help from my beloved.
I won't mark this resolved yet as I wont attempt this until tomorrow. It's too late now.

  Field Division 23:22 11 Oct 2006

If your CPU is running at over 60 degrees (C) you might be at risk of burning it out. Some systems shut down automatically when the temperature reaches an unsafe level.

  Liverbird 21:06 12 Oct 2006

Temp of PC ok thanks. It's a fairly new processor, hardrive and fan. I also got a new case which has a temp' guage on it. At the time of tyoing this it states 23.5 and I've only once seen it as high as 29.5, never higher. I appreciate the tip though. That's something to add to my growing knowlege, thanks to all you good people. Thanks again.

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