Windows corupt Restore

  osben 12:40 12 Feb 2008


I have got a new computer and considering it is quite a high spec computer it seems very slow in startup as well as the hard disc seems to be used at the slightest of operation. Even for scrolling down a list on the internet, the HD seems to thrash about as if there isn't enough memory and the system is using the HD for reserve memory.

So I talked with the tech help desk of the company that sold the computer to me and the person on the end of the phone toldme that I would have to re-install the operating system which is Windows XP. When I suggested that that should not be necessary he then said well do a system restore and that will cure the problem.

I did as he said and now the computer does not want to go into windows. In fact it seems to be in a loop from the first startup screen where the nvidia graphics card info is displayed thorough to the screen where the info on the motherboard is displayed and back again.

pressing F8 only brings up the Setup screen where I am given the choice of the HD or the two Disc drives to boot from. When I get to the screen wher it give me the option amongs others to start up in SAFE MODE it will not do so and just goes back into the loop.

I have tried using the bootup from the disc option but this seems to produce the same effect.

The Computer company have said that the only option open to me to try before I do a complete re-formay and re install is to purchase a HD from them, connect it into the system as the main HD and have the existing HD as another drive and load Windows onto the new HD and hopefully transfer all the files etc from the old HD to the new one.

My questions are:
1) Since I have max memory allowable with Windows XP, half of which is available to run any aplication, why does the HD seem to thrash around so much.

2) is this the best way to go as regards trying to resurect the old HD and all the programms and Files I have on it.

3) I have the HD from the old computer which is only ATA and not SATA, can I do the same with this one as was suggested by the Computer manufacturer as above.

I hope this makes sense and hope someone can help, as I really don't want to loose the Files and programmes on the HD.


  computerboy1000 13:02 12 Feb 2008

Try click here i have suggested this two loads of people and it works

  Pamy 13:24 12 Feb 2008

How "new" is your new computer, I would concider retunin it for the supplier to put rite under warranty

  Andsome 13:45 12 Feb 2008

This company are evidently a load of con merchants. You do NOT have to purchase anything from them. If it is not working correctly, it is their problem not yours. Quote the sale of goods act to them, and give them a date by which it must be fixed. Do this in writing, and send by recorded delivery, keeping a copy. In your letter state that if they fail to do as you ask, you will go to the small claims court. This will cost you a small deposit, which they will have to refund when the court finds against them, which they surely will, if all is as you state. It is NOT your responsibility to do anything other than the system restore which they suggested.
click here

  woodchip 13:51 12 Feb 2008

Computer Manufacturers are not obligated under warranty to support Software, without cost they can charge you to put it right. they only have to prove that the computer software is not as when they sold it to you. Many things can go wrong with software hence no cover

  woodchip 13:57 12 Feb 2008

Having said the above, any good supplier would make it possible to restore the Computer to as when it left the factory. Like some kind of restore discs etc

  osben 11:48 14 Feb 2008


I have taken taken all your comments on board but at the end of the day, I need to get it sorted quickly and anything like sending the computer back to get it sorted will be long winded.

As I said above, I want to be able to save all the data and also the programmes that I have loaded since taking delivery. If I have to go through the labourious task of loading all the programmes back on it does take a lot of time.

I have now installed the new Hard Drive and connected to the SATA1 position and moved the old H/D to SATA2 position and installed windows onto the new drive which is now called "J" drive.

I have also opened up Windows Explorer and seen that the old drive "C" does still have the data and programmes still on it. I can't utilise the data as the new WINDOWS installation will not recognise any of the installed programmes.

Am I going to have to re-install all the other programmes I have still on the computer or is there a way round this??

Ideally I would like to be able to: using explorer, just drag the whole contents of the "C" drive over to the new H/D but i know that will not work.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

By the way, the reason I have only just come back to you is that they did send a H/D out tyo me the next day but when I undid the parcel, I found that the H/D packaging had been opened. I did try formatting it but it got halfway and that was it. Probably one that they had put back into stock and not thrown away.


  woodchip 13:42 14 Feb 2008

Try running Disc Check on the drive do a ull check and set it to auto fix faults.

Double click My Computer Right click the faulty drive\Tools\Disc checker

After that try disconnect the new drive restore old drive and retry a start

You could also Try running Restore from the New drive it should see the "System Volume Infomation for each Partition"that Restore creates if it does look for the oldest date you can find, however programs loaded after that date will be gone

  woodchip 13:47 14 Feb 2008

Another thing you can try as they are both same OS look for program .exe files on old drive and double click the file to see if the program will work.

I have two drives in one of my computers first is 98se on a Fat32 drive, New Drive is XP on a Fat32 not NTFS as I wanted them both the same so I could see XP from 98se comp. It lets me run Programs that are loaded on the 98se Drive from within XP by double clicking the .exe file I can right click this file if I want and drag a shortcut to where ever I want and just run it from that if I want. But not all programs will work. You need to try them

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