Windows command line advice needed

  adam32 12:52 24 Sep 2010

I want to make a slipstreamed XP Service Pack 3 CD. I'm following the instructions at (click here) but I'm stuck with the command line instructions. I have not used cmd very much. Typing the instructions as shown at that page didn't work (presumably because I haven't understood them correctly), so can anyone explain what I need to type?

BTW: I have made a slipstreamed CD a log time back, but I used a different method and I can't remember what that was.

I've had a brief look at the instructions and it tells you exactly what to type so provided you're typing it exactly as shown (but not typing [enter]), then it should work if you've followed the previous instructions.

The crucial thing is that you've copied the SP3 installer file into C:\sp3. If you've put it anywhere else then the command prompt window will be looking in the wrong place for it. (It may also be case sensitive, I'm not sure, so if you've named the folder SP3 as opposed to sp3 that might cause a problem. Just make sure the path you type into command prompt is the same as where the file is).

  onthelimit 13:19 24 Sep 2010

Did you note the space after 'exe'?

  Rahere 13:21 24 Sep 2010

The site you mention looks OK if a bit labour intensive :o). I used nlite to slipstream packs but I have often found XP SP3 doesn't respond that well to slipstreaming so keep a full copy of this on hand to add after an install.

Have you considered another option? Recently I created an image of my system with everything installed and set up the way I like it and now I won't have to go through the pain and lose days of setting things up again - it's a lot easier than reinstalling everything manually each time - It worked very well and I was up and running again recently in about 15 minutes!

I used the free clonezilla Live CD but others here swear by Acronis - there is a paid for version but some HDD manufacturers have free versions on their sites.

In fact I don't think it is case sensative. At least it isn't on my Vista machine. So just make sure the path is correct, and that you've got the right file inside it which is named the same as the one given in the instructions (Microsoft may have changed it since that article was written).

i.e. if you've renamed the installer file from windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe to SP3update.exe then you'd have to change the 3rd line to:

SP3update.exe -x:c:\sp3

  adam32 16:29 24 Sep 2010

Yes, I thought that making certain of following the author's choice of name and location would be wise, so I did that, and typed exactly what it stated, but no luck.

I have since discovered the nLite program, as one of you mentioned, so I'm going to use that instead. It looks much easier.

Thanks for responding.

  T0SH 17:01 24 Sep 2010

Try using autostreamer it works a treat no fully GUI command line input required

click here

Cheers HC

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