Windows boot problems

  killlerkingo 20:49 15 Dec 2009

Hello all I am a newbie and this is my first post. Here goes, I have just installed a new power unit in my PC,however when I turn on the power it freezes on the first post screen. If I remove all my prephirals it will boot up fine?? I can get into the bios using a old style keyboard connector (not usb) but not really sure what I am doing so don't want to mess it up. Any ideas or advice would be a great help

  Quiller. 21:08 15 Dec 2009

one at a time to find out which is stoping the boot.
Then question if that perphiral is damaged.

  killlerkingo 21:20 15 Dec 2009

Thanks, I already tried this, after I boot to windows using a old keyboard, I am able to plug all perphiral's back in & it then all works fine. So I then restart the PC but again it freezes at post screen???

  Sea Urchin 21:29 15 Dec 2009

So you need to plug them in one at a time to find out which one is stopping the booting.

  killlerkingo 21:39 15 Dec 2009

Hi, thanks I already done this & it wouldn't boot up with any of them, but allowed me to plug them all in once booted up with an old keyboard, would a system restore help?

  User-312386 23:22 15 Dec 2009

It sounds like your power supply is not powerful enough! Is it a generic power supply or branded one and what is the wattage? Alot of non branded generic ones are not that good.

  Quiller. 10:00 16 Dec 2009

perphirals USB. If so you need to go into the bios to de-activate boot from usb or other devices.

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