Windows backup on DVD!

  Blokka 09:32 31 Mar 2004

Is it possible to copy/backup a working windows partition to a dvd and then copy it back again either to the same or different drive.
The reason i ask is that rather than going through the whole setup process and updating windows, antivirus etc, is to take a copy of the fresh windows instalation with everything already installed and then if i need to reinstall, everything is all there on a backup.
This may sound a silly question, but i thought id ask anyway.
OS in question is windows XP

  TomJerry 09:52 31 Mar 2004

WinXP has facility of Transfer PC setting or File etc, but I do not think it work with DVD. You can use any so call HDD imaging program, possible Norton Ghost.

One program which will work for you is Transfer MyPC v3.6 click here

The software package which come with your DVD writer should have backup function to back everything up.

  TomJerry 09:53 31 Mar 2004

mistake, the program should be Backup MyPC v4.85 click here

  dazzling (work) 09:57 31 Mar 2004

drive image 7 has dvd writer suppourt.darren

  JFT 10:05 31 Mar 2004

Im with dazzling on this one as i regularly back up my C partition to DVD with Drive Image 7 and have never had any problems.

  Blokka 10:32 31 Mar 2004

Thanx guys for your input ill give this ago and see how i get on

  garby 19:02 15 Jul 2004

I use a dvd for backups all the time, purely due to size of my hard-drive. I have used Acronis True-image also, but found the windows backup uitility works just as well, if not better. My DVD burner is a lite-on 811s, no probs so far!!

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