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  ened 09:18 31 Mar 2009

This relates to this thread click here

and specifically woodchip's last post.

I have just purchased a 1TB external Drive and want to use it to back up my entire system.

My question is: if the worst happens, and you completely lose the main drive with the os on it,is it not possible to use the Vista back up option?

According to woodchip it would appear not, but surely that is the purpose of the complete backup.

My intention would be (In this event)to put another drive in and restore everything.

Acronis has been mentioned but I don't want to pay unneccessarily.

I do have an installation disc.

  birdface 09:27 31 Mar 2009

I would stay away from the free Arcronis I tried downloading it once and got plagued by spam e-mails after it.

  ened 14:26 31 Mar 2009

I don't like trial versions of anything.

I need to know if the Vista built in back up tool will do the job.

If the main hard drive ever fails can you restore the back up onto a fresh drive?

  brundle 14:36 31 Mar 2009

Only if you have Vista Ultimate or Business which have built-in disk imaging. Home Basic & Premium don't. There's nothing wrong with Acronis, trusted by many.

  ened 15:09 31 Mar 2009

I have Vista Ultimate (64 bit)

Would you say I can have confidence in the back up?

I don't want to have to pay for something like Acronis unless absolutely necessary.

Incidentally the new drive is click here

According to the Seagate site the bundled software doesn't back up the os. But that is not a problem because I shall probably re-format it anyway.

I bought this drive yesterday thinking I had a bargain then this morning received an email from Ebuyer offering the same thing for £75:00.

  brundle 15:18 31 Mar 2009

I've a 320GB version of that drive - price dropped a day or two after I bought that too - always the way it seems...

The built-in imaging is much less flexible than Acronis - you can't explore or add to the image, or extract individual files - Acronis allows you to do all three. It's well worth £25 (Amazon).

  woodchip 15:37 31 Mar 2009

Acronis is Money Well Spent, and the best bit of Software you can Treat your Computer To. Its there to Save the Day, if you create a Image of Drive or C:\ to another drive. You can create as many Images as you like and delete old ones if you want to or save a old one to Drop back to if you have poroblems

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