windows and AVAST

  kingussie 09:41 04 Oct 2005

I have just had a message on start up which says "cannot find a device file that may be needed to start windows...........etc"
I have just down loaded AVAST anti virus and it seems to go round in circles for ages slowing up everything. I still have an out of date Norton installed but am reluctant to uninstall until AVast sorts it self out....can you help

  kingussie 09:42 04 Oct 2005

Sorry forgot to say OS is Windows 98 and outlook express 5

  bruno 09:47 04 Oct 2005

I have Avast on Xp and it works fine,but my mate developed all sorts of problems after he installed it.The only cure we found was to take it off again and that cured him.We did not find where the conflict was.He used XP as well.It obviously does not agree with all programs.

  Wak 10:10 04 Oct 2005

Hi I am on Win 98SE (OE 6.0) and have used AVAST for years.
Brilliant program. Wouldn't be without it.
Maybe it's the Norton causing the problem??
Have you tried running the System File Checker?
Go to Start/ Run type SFC in the box then click OK.
You may need your Win CD to replace any missing or corrupt files.
Just a thought!

  spanneress 10:24 04 Oct 2005

You should have seen a message telling you that conflicts may occur if you run two AV programs together. Avast should work perfectly well on any OS...I have installed it hundreds of times on customer's machines.

My advice is to uninstall Avast, then uninstall Norton (which you may need to get the removal tool from the semantic website in order to do so), give the machine a clean (registry) then put Avast back on.

  kingussie 10:27 04 Oct 2005

Thanks for that can you tell me how to clean the registry ?

  Belatucadrus 10:49 04 Oct 2005

click here RegSeeker 1.45

click here Regscrub XP

  MAJ 11:20 04 Oct 2005

"....and it seems to go round in circles for ages slowing up everything"

Go into the "Standard Shield" settings and make sure it isn't scanning every program every time you open the program.

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