Windows automatic updates

  Kudu 11:32 10 Mar 2003

Three times in the last two days i have noted that the updates are just being repeated.I have noticed this before but decided to check the numbers this time.

Can anyone tell me where the file is for these updates as they are being duplicated/triplicated or maybe not even being installed.

  Lozzy 11:56 10 Mar 2003

Go into windows update then check under History to see if the updates are already installed..

  rawprawn 11:57 10 Mar 2003

Download Belarc it's free & it will verify that your downloads are installed properl;y click here

  Kudu 12:34 10 Mar 2003

Checked under History and about 25 updates have failed and of the ones that have installed successfully some of these have been put in at least twice.

So it appears Windows is installing the same update several times and wasting disk space.

I have now cancelled auto. update and will do it manually every week or two.

Thanks for your help.

  colberly 15:11 10 Mar 2003

A couple of weeks ago the same thing happened to me. I did ask on here and one or two others did appear to have experienced a similar problem with Auto update. After several days things quietened down and the problem appeared to rectify itself. Again I am using Auto update with no problems.

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