Windows Automatic update

  colberly 15:55 17 Feb 2003

I have a Packard Bell PC running ME and have always had it set to automatically download updates from Microsoft with no problems, until 5 days ago. Suddenly it has started to misbehave and everyday for the last 5 days has downloaded the same file for Windows Media player. Yesterday I changed the settings to ask before downloading which was ignored and today it has again attempted to download the same update. I spotted it in time and stopped the download. I have now switched off the automatically download feature. Is there anything else I can do, that will make the d**n thing work as it should again please?
A very frustrated Colberly.

  leo49 16:15 17 Feb 2003

This is just an observation - Is the file installing OK? - as it sounds as if Windows doesn't recognise that it's installed, hence the repeat downloads.


  colberly 17:16 17 Feb 2003

Thanks for your reply. According to my microsoft installation history the same file no Q320920 for Media Player has been downloaded and installed three times. Belarc advisor also shows the same installations. Microsoft gone mad?

  IanWilk 17:48 17 Feb 2003

Same thing happened to me on manual updates on Sat and Sun - same number, apparently installed twice on separate occasions. Both successful, according to 'Installation History' on the MS site.

  busman 01:57 18 Feb 2003

Top........Same thing happening to me. windows me
Now got the said file four times according to instalation history, anyone got any idea whats going on...cheers.

  colberly 10:37 18 Feb 2003

Looks like microsoft update has gone berserk. I decided to tick the automatic update again this AM and lo and behold the same file download again.
It is Q320902 Media player 6.4. I have Media player 7 on my PC. So now according to installation history I have the file downloaded 5 times. The only thing that I can do is update manually in future it seems and switch off automatic updates. Unless anyone has any other solution.

  MichelleC 11:45 18 Feb 2003

I had the same too. But funnily enough my BigFix recognises the update.

  leo49 11:59 18 Feb 2003

Just visited Windows update and it wants to install the same Media Player update - which is nice, except I'm on my MELite OS from which all Mediaplayer components have been removed.


  vaughan007 12:17 18 Feb 2003

I had this update thing with XP too....a few months ago...kept downloading the same set of files time and time again....eventually it stopped all on its own.

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