"The Windows Advisor"

  Dragon Heart 00:06 05 May 2004

No ! Nothing to do with our beloved PCA (I don't think so anyway). Got some more junk mail again today which included a 6 week free offer trial of "The Windows Advisor" from a company calling itself Agora Publications Ltd in Nelson Lancashire.

Says it contains insider knowledge, secret tricks, free tools, checklists & hot lines. You also get a free gift of 5 (I quote) unique CD's plus the chance to win a (again I quote) high-tech wireless mouse for the first 50 replies. All for £20 against the 'official' price of £30.

Nothing on Kellysearch.com or Yell.com for Agora Publications in UK ??

Anyone tried this ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:14 05 May 2004

meh! It will contain nothing that a few carefully worded questions on here will beat. A request for a few good reference sites such as click here will soon have you sitting at the expert's table and exchanging amusing banter about rascally .dll files.

Agora has been well Googled by me and nothing came up. If it ain't in Google it does not exist on planet earth ;-)) I'd put money on someone that has bought 'it' from Ebay and is trying to follow the 'you can sell these insider secrets on and make gazillions of ££££', marketing crud.

I am totally underwhelmed ;-))


  Dragon Heart 01:03 05 May 2004

I wrote this more of a 'buyer beware'

The publisher is a Victoria Burrill who may have been the same Victoria Burrill who did a history report on Stalinism at the University of Durham last term, but who knows.

The editor is a Dave Howell who may have been the Dave Howell who wrote :-

CompuServe UK in Easy Steps
E-publishing in a Week
Successful E-commerce in a Week

..... but the real catch is the updates ....... 90 to 100 at a time @ 14p per page

  g0slp 07:24 05 May 2004

Yep, if you can get enough suckers to pay for those 'updates', that's going to be successful all right!

Caveat Emptor.

Mark g0slp

  end 19:31 06 May 2004

???is it a computer version of a "chain letter???

  Dragon Heart 23:03 06 May 2004

NO ! These best one of those I came across was supposedly a Microsoft Beta test for an e-mail tracking programme.

"Send this to 10 of your mates, the first 1000 will get $1000"

I received it via works internal system and it had some high flying managers (or want to be managers) on the previous incarnations.

Any 10 year old knows 10 to power 3 = 1000, but this chain letter went back, starting in Australia, some 30 to 40 repetitions. More like a human driven computer virus.

I feel "The Windows Advisor" could be more like one of those fortnightly mag's with a free DVD or CD called for example "The history of the lawnmower", issue 1 is £1.99 the rest £7.99, once you get to the 8th issue you have to book it via your newsagent. The issues go on and on and on and on and on ...... until you find you have spent £600 to £800 on something you have no time to read or time to watch tens of DVD’s !

I may be misjudging the publication but I would need some more information and the qualifications and experience of the writer prior to parting with my money.

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