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  Lombard 14:08 13 May 2005

I had to reformat and lost my e-mail addresses in Outlook. I backed up Documents and Settings and can locate Windows Address Book as a wab. file on the DVD. Outlook, in trying to import file from back up, wants a Personal address Book as a pab file and will not open the wab file.

Need advice please


  pj123 15:07 13 May 2005

I think a .wab is an Outlook Express file format not Outlook. Try Outlook Express rather than Outlook.

  Forum Editor 20:04 13 May 2005

have a .pab extension - wab files are Outlook Express, as pj123 says.

  GroupFC 23:16 13 May 2005

You could try this:-

Copy the .wab file from the DVD to your desktop (once there check the properties to make sure that it is not read only). Double click to open the address book and then go >file >export then select other address book, then select Text file (Comma Separated Values), Export. In the next window browse to where you want to save the file (e.g. Mydocs or Desktop) and give it a name, then hit next select the fields you want to export then click finish, OK and close.

Halfway there!!

In Outlook >file >Import and Export. In the wizard that opens select "Import from Schedule+ or another program or file", click next select Comma Separated Values (windows). Click next and browse to locate the .csv file saved in the first half and select the option you want. Click next and select the folder for the records (e.g. contacts) click next check the mapping of the fields and finally click finish.

All your contacts in OE (the .wab file) should have now been imported into Outlook.

  Lombard 10:32 14 May 2005

Appreciate quick responses.
Group FC, I get to the point where Address book is apparently saved on desktop, ie the halfway stage. However second stage cannot locate the file and using the search facility has the same "not found" result. Am I missing something?

  GroupFC 21:36 14 May 2005

Sorry not to have come back before now - been out all day at Brands Hatch with my youngest son!

I'm sorry your having problems with this and I can't seem to replicate your problem. They only thing I can think of is are your sure your exporting the OE addresses from the address book as a .csv file?

  Lombard 10:03 15 May 2005

Hope you enjoyed Brands Hatch. I played golf at the London Club nearby some time ago.
Re problem, I get ""Address Book Export Process completed" and as as .csv file. When I then try to import into Outlook the file cannot be found. It does not show where I saved it and the Search facility cannot either! I have Show Hidden folders ticked.

  GroupFC 13:25 16 May 2005

I'm sorry, I'm running out of ideas! - this will bump you up the list and maybe somebody else will jump in with an idea.

When I get home tonight, I'll try and have another look, what version of outlook are you using and do you get any other messages (such as "Import/export engine not installed" - altough I would have thought you would get this before it allowed you to try and locate the file!).

I would add that my postings were for importing into Outlook '97!

  Lombard 18:03 16 May 2005

GroupFC, appreciate your endeavours! I have Outlook 2002. I get message "Address Book Export Process completed" so the export engine must surely be installed.

  GroupFC 21:23 16 May 2005

I'm getting a bit confused (not difficult!).

"I have Outlook 2002. I get message "Address Book Export Process completed"" - I thought that what we are trying to achieve is to IMPORT the adress book into Outlook, unless that is the message from Outlook Express, which is what I get when I export the address book from OE.

I had a quick look at Outlook 2000, at work this afternoon after my post at lunchtime. My recollection is that under file import address book, there were a number of other options, which I don't have in Outlook 97, and I think one of these was along the lines of "import from Outlook Express" (or similar)- do you see this and if so have given that a try?

  Lombard 10:36 17 May 2005

Sorry Group FC it is my communication that is not clear. When "Address book export process has completed" comes up that is at the halfway point as you described, and all is exactly as you said. I then go into Outlook to File/Import/another program or file, click next and then select Comma separated value(Windows). Then I am asked to browse for the particular file and that is where it all stops as the file cannot be found. Also as mentioned it is not showing on Desktop where it was saved.
There is "import from Outlook Express" I get "Browse for Folder" box with "Please select mail folder for Outlook Express". That is as far as I can get.

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