Windows Adding an Orange Tint to My Photos

Last week I purchased a new 22" Widescreen monitor - a Samsung 2233BW. With it came various software that helped you calibrate the monitor which I installed and tried out.

Now, since then (well I think so as I never noticed the problem before) when I view photos in Windows Photo Gallery (Vista) it adds an orange tint to the photos.

At first I thought it was the monitor although the colours look perfect everywhere else. I have confirmed it is not the monitor as if I open the same photo in say Firefox, the colours appear perfectly.

click here is a screenshot showing the comparison - Firefox on the left and Windows Photo Gallery on the right. The photos are from exactly the same file.

I have uninstalled the software that came with the monitor but that has not helped.

If anyone has suggestions how to make the photos appear using the correct colours I would be grateful to hear them.



  hssutton 20:26 14 Mar 2008

Well you could start by reading this thread click here

However I would suggest that you read this thread first which is on the on the Adobe forums click here.

This is a common fault with these monitors or I should say the calibration software that comes with the monitor.

Your problem is almost certainly down to the incorrect calibration of your monitor. If you are prepared to spend a little money £50 or more then look here click here

If you are not prepared to spend any money to recalibrate your monitor, then use use this freeware, click here it's very good, I used it for several years before buying the Colourvision Spyder 3Pro.

Also have a read here click here

  woodchip 20:28 14 Mar 2008

why not disable the software and see what it looks like just used as a plain monitor

  citadel 20:39 14 Mar 2008

click here in the monitor section there is a review of the samsung with info on colour.

  Taurus 20:47 14 Mar 2008

The comparison pictures would suggest that it's NOT your monitor as both pictures would look the same if it was and they clearly do not. Have a look to see if the white balance is set correctly in Picture Gallery.Open PG and select File, Properties and scroll down to White Balance and select Auto from the drop down list. Not sure if this will work but I really don't think that you monitor is at fault if it is just one application that shows the colour cast. Good luck


I've followed the instructions given by Microsoft in X7-250's link where I found "Samsung Natural Colour Pro" installed. I've removed that and now all is back to normal.

Thank You

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