Windows Activation

  ponytail 23:03 22 Dec 2009

My internet connection just went so I rebooted my PC and restarted my modem which got back my internet connection but I now have a permanent message by the clock saying this copy of windows is not activated in order to be properly licensed this copy of windows must be activated.I have also had a message saying three days to activate.What happens if I do not activate and if I do select activate will I lose what is on the computer in which case I will have to save it to a external drive.This message has only just appeared.Can someone advise.


  Graham. 00:14 23 Dec 2009

The easiest way round these problems is System Restore.

  User-312386 00:48 23 Dec 2009

Why dont you just activate your licence?

  ponytail 07:07 23 Dec 2009

Thanks for thr replies guys.My version of windows although genuine was given to me I did not buy it.By doing a system restore how would that solve the problem and how far backwould I have to go.

  BT 07:27 23 Dec 2009

As long as its a genuine copy of Windows and only installed on YOUR computer there's no problem with activation.

  tullie 08:10 23 Dec 2009

Just enter the key,which is located on a sticker,somewhere on computer.There will be no problem provided no one else is using it.

  Sea Urchin 09:08 23 Dec 2009

Just activate Windows or it will stop working if not done within 30 days

click here

  sharpamat 09:09 23 Dec 2009

The fact that this has been detected by Microsoft indicates there is a problem. Restoring to another date will not change this. Whilst you may have a genuine copy of XP, was it a retail copy. If it was an OEM version you cannot switch it to another system.

Because it did not come with your system. You are unlikely to find a sticker with the registration number on the casing. Your friend should has given you the correct certificate with the Disc. Entering those details will either be accepted or you will be requested to phone Microsoft.

I would suggest you check with your friend if they purchased it separate from the system, or If it came installed on a system it could be an OEM. genuine but cannot be reinstalled legally on another system

There are many posts on the forum about cheap OS taken from other computers and they result in the fact that they as some stage they are picked up and found they cannot be activated.

  Sea Urchin 09:10 23 Dec 2009

You don't need any key to activate Windows - just contact with the Windows activation server. The key is for installing the software.

  User-312386 22:43 28 Dec 2009

You do not need a key to install windows, you need a key to activate it!

If you do not have one then after 30 days windows will stop working or go into "limited mode"!

  rdave13 23:07 28 Dec 2009

Bit late I know. Next time run SIW; click here standalone english version.
Under Licences the product key would have been shown. Usually the top one on the list not the 'default' one.
Make a note of both, though, as OEM licences are somewhat different to handle.

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