Windows Activation

  Lettervanman 08:15 28 Jun 2008

Last night did a last check for email and brought computer out of hibernation,or so I thought! When it started it was a complete restart and I had to enter password,but I was sure that I had left it in hibernation as is normal for me.

I then had the "Hardware has changed and must reactivate windows" etc. screen. However, nothing has changed regarding hardware,it is the same configuration for at least four years!
I clicked the new "renew" icon and armed with my Genuine XP key prepared to do battle.
The activate windows was not in system tools where the MS instructions said it would be so I tried update,knowing that a genuine XP was required for it to work. Sure enough this failed with the "activation required" window,but I am fully updated and never had a problem before.
I then tried a beta validation process offered by MS but this did not work either,I was about to 'phone MS and cleared the screen, only to find the icon had gone and update site now worked!!
Can anyone throw any light on this?
Genuine Windows XP media edition,all up to date with the full SP3 version.
Computer O.K. at the moment.
Thank you.

  johndrew 10:23 28 Jun 2008

The joys of computers.

Sounds as if there was something which became corrupt during the `wake up` cycle which was cured by Windows itself. I think the `Hardware has changed ...` message is standard where the wpa.dbl file is either not found or is corrupted.

I think that on occasions we all suffer strange problems that `cure` themselves either as part of a Restart or running some other software. But it is always (in my opinion) worth keeping a copy of the activation file (WINDOWS/System32/wpa.dbl) in its original, uncompressed form for emergencies.

  Lettervanman 11:41 28 Jun 2008

Yes thanks for that,I will see if I can do as you suggest.
I now remember that during my attempts to sort things out last night I also got the" windows has recovered from a serious fault" message.

I will leave this open for now to see if others have ever had this problem.

  Lettervanman 14:30 28 Jun 2008


  johndrew 15:04 28 Jun 2008

`Windows has recovered from a serious fault`

Often a good indication that something is corrupt or hasn`t loaded properly. I alway reboot if I get this.

  Lettervanman 15:05 29 Jun 2008

Probably not the best weekend to post this, but I am surprised and concerned that this has not happened to others on this site, so I bump it again!

  engsurv 15:34 29 Jun 2008


Activation problems ! ! !
I have MS Office 2003 which I had on my last computer. I now have a laptop, tried to install my MS Office 2003, but at activation it said I had activated too often and activation failed. Over several days I tried but with the same result.
I tried again yesterday and hey presto it activated !
Can anyone explain that ?

  Lettervanman 10:46 30 Jun 2008

Last bump before tick!

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