Windows 98se and USB

  Bagsey 16:32 13 Jul 2006

My friend has a computer running widows 98SE which has 2 USB ports. When plugged in my card reader it is not recognised. I have tried just plugging it in but no joy. I then tried closing down and rebooting with the reader pluged in still no luck. Can anyone suggest why this reader is not working on his machine whilst it works fine on my windows XP machine. I suspect that it might be a driver problem but dont have any disc for it. It was never supplied or needed for my computer. Any advice gratefully received.

  dth 16:49 13 Jul 2006

you are right - xp includes a driver for usb devices with win98 you need to install a driver before it works

  woodchip 17:01 13 Jul 2006

If you are trying to use as a file transfer, That may be the problem. Not the reader it's the info on the card. It's how XP writes to floppies etc

  Belatucadrus 17:01 13 Jul 2006

click here USB drivers

  woodchip 17:01 13 Jul 2006

PS you are better using CD's

  Bagsey 17:29 13 Jul 2006

I was trying to get the photos off his XD Card onto his hard disc.I eventually gave up and went to my computer and copied the files onto a CD+RW and used that to get the photos on to his computer.All Ok but not what we wanted. He was going to by a reader but is dissillusend now.When I was using Win98 I bought a Reader with a parrallel port conection, but that was for compact flash, it had a driver disk with it. I wonder if he can get one like that for XD cards.??
Belatucadrus. Your recommended site had just about every driver possible except for MEDIA Gear which what I would need. Thanks fellows for trying.

  Bagsey 20:18 13 Jul 2006

Thanks to you who tried to help. So far have not got an answer to my problem,but I feel that I am not going to be able to do what I want to do. I cant find any drivers for my card reader to make it function on WIN 98SE. I am now looking to see if there is a card reader that will run 98se.It should be possible as I have a reader that runs on WIN 98 using a serial cable. But it does not read XD cards. Anyway I will tick this thread off in the hope that I get an answer from 7dayshop.Thanks again.

  woodchip 22:21 13 Jul 2006

It's not the card that's at fault. Is two different OS's that's the problem

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