windows 98se sudden shutdown

  janderson1989 23:20 05 Jul 2005

my p.c keeps shutting down and restarting all of the time it has done it 10 or more times tonight.i have also noticed my cd rom drive is having problems as well as its not able to access the drive when i put in a cd.i have made sure all the cables are connected inside the p.c.

  janderson1989 07:32 06 Jul 2005

I posted this thread last night and after i done it my p.c kept restarting and i could not get back on so i left it untill this morning im away to my work early this morning leaving here at 8.15 so if i get any replys after that i will check them when i get home around 2pm thats providing i can get back on the p.c if it does not start restarting its self again for a prolonged amount of time.

  €dstowe 07:58 06 Jul 2005

Possibly caused by overheating. Check that all the fans (especially the CPU fan) are functioning correctly.

Have you noticed the machine sounding different since this started happening?

  janderson1989 08:06 06 Jul 2005

Thanks for the reply mate i have not noticed anything different in the sound its making.The computer has been off all night and again this morning its still doing it.I have lots of fans i have the cpu fan and one fitted in my case as well as one in the middle of the removable side panel to access the p.c.Sorry i have to go now but will be back home around 2pm as i start work at 8.30.

  €dstowe 08:14 06 Jul 2005

See if you can measure the temperatures of the vital parts of your machine. If your computer doesn't have this facility itself, download Everest from click here

In Everest, click on Computer then Sensor and you should be able to read off the temperatures of the vital parts. Keep an eye on them for a while and see if there are any gross increases (and a shutdown).

Perhaps you could come back with your results.

  janderson1989 14:22 06 Jul 2005

cpu is {72oc)
aux {22oc){72of)
cooling fans 5444 rpm

  woodchip 14:54 06 Jul 2005

CPU fan not doing it's job, You need go out and buy a better one and get some thermal paste to put a spot on the CPU....IC in the centre when you fit the fan

  janderson1989 20:40 06 Jul 2005

ok so better not have the pc on to long then will go out tomorrow and get the thermal paste and the new fan.

  janderson1989 15:12 08 Jul 2005

Im just posting back to let you know what happened after i got the thermal paste and another fan for my cpu.The computer continued to keep shutting down over and over and in the end it just kept doing it.So i got out my old board a GIGABYTE GA-5AX Socket 7 Motherboard with AMD K6 2 450Mhz CPU and fitted this.My next problem is i could not find my manual so i had to try and work out where all the little wires went into it and it booted up and would not go past 1st boot so i went into bios to see if i had to adjust a few settings and it asked me for a password which i am sure i never put on it but i cant get by this is there any way to bypass this as i dont want to have to put in another motherboard as im running low on cash.If you can get back to me asap as i am using a friends p.c and i will only be here for another hour and then i have to go to work.

  VoG II 15:14 08 Jul 2005
  janderson1989 15:42 08 Jul 2005

will have a try at resetting cmos first and then taking out the battery for 10 mins and see how i get on.I will post back in on my computer tonight if all goes well.

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