Windows 98SE Reinstallation

  Henryk 08:51 16 Jan 2004

I am having display problems which I feel could be resolved by reinstalling windows.
Any advice on reinstalling.

  Jester2K 08:56 16 Jan 2004

What are the display problems?

Perhaps you just need to reinstall the display drivers?

  MidgetMan 08:58 16 Jan 2004

Could you expand on the display problems?, why do you feel you need to re-install? if it is a matter of missing/corrupted system files you can run sfc to put them back. If a re-install is really needed then just put the cd in and run setup, this will "over write" windows and replace any files etc that are needed whilst at the same time keeping all you settings and work etc.

Post back with the exact nature of the problem and we will help you out.


  MidgetMan 08:59 16 Jan 2004

You just beat me to it (again) you'r up early!! :>))

  Jester2K 09:03 16 Jan 2004

or late....

  Henryk 09:13 16 Jan 2004

Screen display has shifted to left on screen leaving a black band of approx 1.5cmdown r/h side of screen.

I have had this problem for some time and have tried various things to rectify it without success.

Display properties setting are
256 colours Screen area 800 x 600 pixels
If i change back to True colour (32bit) Screen area is 640 x 480 pixels and cannot be increased.

How do I re install display drivers from Win 98Se disk?

  MidgetMan 09:22 16 Jan 2004

Have tried correcting this via the monitor buttons? sounds like this what the prob is, on the front of the monitor there are usaully buttons that enable you to "shift" the display, if everything else is ok I.E display ok then this is more than likely the problem

  Jester2K 09:24 16 Jan 2004

As MidgetMan says the shifted display sounds like it just needs a tweak with the monitor controls.

As for the graphics drivers. Can you tell us the graphics card?

  ventanas 09:24 16 Jan 2004

The display can probably be shifted back to where it should be by using the controls on the monitor. But the other problem with resolution will be down to your driver.

This is unlikely to be on the Win98 disc, you will need to identify your card and download the latest driver for '98 from their web site.

  ventanas 09:25 16 Jan 2004

Sorry folks, must type more quickly.

  Henryk 11:33 16 Jan 2004

My Monitor is a Viglen, it does not have buttons to repossition display.

My Graphics Driver is Rage/RageII PCI (ati_m64)

Where can I locate means of reinstalling driver?

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