Windows 98SE RAM Restrictions

  Sketch 14:48 02 Jun 2003

Does the Windows 98SE OS have a maximum supported RAM limitation. I have heard that if I try to upgrade my onboard RAM then I will only be able to do it up to a certain figure. Is this true? And if so, what is the max RAM that Win98 can handle?...

Thanks in advance.


  davidg_richmond 14:53 02 Jun 2003

WinME can only support up to 512Mb, I suspect that 98 is the same. Of course, your maximum memory capacity is also governed by your motherboard.

  MartinT-B 15:07 02 Jun 2003

512 is correct for 98 unless you use a program such as Cacheman

click here to download (now free for personal use, but $10.00 asked if you can afford)

click here for homepage of Outer Limits (progam creator)

  MartinT-B 15:08 02 Jun 2003


it's Outer Technologies, not Outer Limits!

  Garb 13:24 03 Jun 2003

Excuse long winded response. I copied this from an e-mail I sent to someone with little PC experience. Ran 768MB RAM on Win 98 SE without problems


Issues with windows 98 and ME with >512mb of ram
> Fix:
> How to edit/modify/configure the system.ini file by adding
> "MaxFileCache=256000" to windows to fix the problem of "out of memory" bug
> with systems having 512MB or more of RAM memory, win95/win98/98se/(ME)
> Windows has a bug that affects systems that have 512MB or more of RAM.
> Windows will take it all away an excessive amount of RAM to be used as a
> temporary cache and leave a very small amount for the programs to use.
> Resolution: To limit Windows from doing this you have to add the entry
> "MaxFileCache=256000" entry to the system.ini file as follows:
> Click START then select RUN and type in the text box
> sysedit
> and click the OK button
> the system configuration Editor window will open which will have 5 other
> windows within it.
> Each windows has a title, so click on the one that says
> "c:\windows\system.ini" to bring it to the front.
> Now scroll down until you see the entry
> [vcache]
> Normally it will have nothing under it. You need to type under it
> MaxFileCache=256000
> So that it looks like this
> [vcache]
> MaxFileCache=256000
> if you do not find the [vcache] entry then just do the above at the very
> bottom of the entries so it is the last one.
> Then from the very top select FILE then select Exit
> the computer will ask you if you want to save the current changes
> click the YES button then the window will close and you are done
> now reset the computer

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