Windows 98se over the top install

  The Sheep 17:19 05 Feb 2004

Hi there i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to go about the above? Thanks in advance.....cheers!

  Valvegrid 17:33 05 Feb 2004

To reinstall Windows:

Start Windows, and then insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

Click Browse This CD, and then double-click Setup.exe.

Follow the instructions to complete the Windows Setup procedure.

  philwane 17:37 05 Feb 2004

Found this from Brisixty posted last year

Brisixty Sat, 21.06.03 | 00:17
I did this today and It worked!
Hi, You must have a FULL Win-ME Setup disc for this to work......... 1. Left click - MY COMPUTER 2. Put Win-ME Full Setup disc in CD-ROM drive. 3. Press SHIFT Key to prevent Auto Boot. 4. RIGHT click - on your CD-ROM drive letter and SELECT - OPEN 5. Look through the files and LEFT click on - SETUP or SETUP.EXE 6. WIN-ME will now reinstall over it's self keeping all your files and original setup intact. This will not work if you let the disc AUTO BOOT.(I don't know why that is.) I had to do this today because of errors in OUTLOOK EXPRESS and WINDOWS EXPLORER. It worked ok. I accept no responsibility for this advice. I know it worked for me, but you must decide for your self wether to try it or not. The same works for WIN98 and 98SE by the way. If you try it ... Best of luck. Have a nice one and hope this helps you out.


  The Sheep 17:44 05 Feb 2004

hi. I have tried to start setup.exe and get the following message:

Setup has detected that you are running a version of Windows that already includes the updated files or enhancements you are attempting to install

Any ideas?

  Quiller. 17:58 05 Feb 2004

The easiest thing to do is load the win98 disk into the cdrom. Now type sfc into the run box and enter. This will check all your windows 98 files and install any that are missing or altered. It will prompt you if there is any missing.

  keith-236785 18:04 05 Feb 2004

read the message very carefully, it may say something like press ESC to continue.

this should be a straightforward task, it is used to replace missing or corrupt files in win98.

good luck

  The Sheep 18:08 05 Feb 2004

hi there. I have tried this. It will not let me. The message is coming up in german or something. Just to explain i am trying to recover from the Perite A virus. When i try to run windows update or install anything it tells me it cannot as the file is linked to the missing export kernel32.dll. I have tried replacing the file but to no avail :(

  Valvegrid 19:08 05 Feb 2004

In that case, try reinstalling in DOS.

Start the computer and keep tapping the F8 key, you will be presented with a menu with a number of options, use the arrow keys to select 'Start at Command Prompt'.

You will see on the screen C:\>

Insert the cd-rom into the drive.

Type: X:\win98\ (X is the letter of you cd drive) then hit the return key.

When you enter the directory type: setup.exe

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