Windows 98SE out of memory errors

  Graham G 22:25 24 Apr 2003

I run a home built Athlon Xp2000 Pc with 1Gb of DDR ram amd 2 hard drives giving me 101Gb of storage. The mother board is an Abit K7. I am connected to the net by ADSL. After the PC has been on for a day or so, I start getting low system memory errors and lock up. I installed turbo ram to keep an eye on the usage. The last time it happened i had over 700 Meg free! I know I should upgrade to XP but with Win98SE everything works and when it dosn't I can usually fix it. I have manually set a cache in the syetem settings as windows 98 has problems with lots of ram (microsoft data base and the cure)and the fault occured with 512Meg of ram. Any Ideas please?

  The PC Doctor 22:52 24 Apr 2003

I've been trying to find a workshop PCA used to have on how to sort out those memory problems but have not found it!!!

You obviously have enough memory it may just not be in the right place.....

Try using Start > Run and type in sysedit - this will run up the system configuration editor.

Look at Autoexec.bat and config.sys for any entries which start with DEVICE= and change them to DEVICEHIGH= This will load all your Devices into high memory not normal memory. This may be enough to stop those problems.

The other solution may be to download a memory manager - I used to use a program called OuterTech Cacheman 4.1 for Windows 95/98/ME it's now up to version 5.11 I've not used this one but v4.1 was great.

Works by freeing up memory which is no longer needed, its shareware and you can check it out and download by click here

  woodchip 23:01 24 Apr 2003

You need to reduce your Ram to 512Mb and use cacheman to manage it

  Rtus 00:01 25 Apr 2003

Look to Msconfig and use the lists here click here to sort what you can turn off under selective start-up .. Also I run with no Autoexec /config files on my machine W98 doesnt need them ( but some items Are needed for third party software that has to be initiated at boot-up..So Rem each line first ..test boot-up and anything contained within the commands to see it runs ok ..If Ok save as configold /autoexecold and delete the original.

  Rtus 00:06 25 Apr 2003

I see they have redesigned the site scroll right to the bottom for alpha indexes

  cream. 07:25 25 Apr 2003

512Mb of ram is the usual limit for win 98 before you start having problems.
click here

It can be increased to a maximum of 768Mb with this.
click here

It may also be worth looking at your swap file settings.

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