windows 98se network problems

  mammak 17:42 17 May 2006

Hi my fourth computer on my network will not connect to the internet "page cannot be displayed dns error"
Isp Bt broadband Bt voyager 2019 router the laptop in question is 98se and Belkin wireless usb adapter this has picked up my router and reading the following DHCP disable, current IP, subnetmask, default gateway, DNSserver any help would be appreciated thanks.

  mammak 19:56 17 May 2006


  woodchip 20:03 17 May 2006

You should not have a Problem connecting to the Net, with a router. As you do not need them Networked if they are connected direct to the Router. It sounds like 98 Registry as got corrupt. If it's just happend, Shut down to DOS then run SCANREG /RESTORE to old date

  mammak 21:56 17 May 2006

Hi woodchip thanks for the response but although this lappie had previously been connected under different circumstances
click here
it point blank refuses to connect to the new set up I have flushed DNS released/renewed IPS all to no avail I have not renewed dlls as I am not sure how to in win 98se or what to renew.
thanks again in mammak.

  scotty 22:08 17 May 2006

Couple of suggestions:
1) Disable any firewall to see if this makes a difference.

2) I have had problems with Belkin software. Try switching to WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration) and let Windows control the device.

  mammak 22:32 17 May 2006

Hi scotty no firewall as yet on this PC, in 98se how do I switch to WZC?

  scotty 12:30 18 May 2006

Sorry, did not read your original post carefully enough. I have only come across WZC in XP.

XP does have a wireless networking wizard. The wizard creates a file on a floppy or USB memory stick which allows settings to be transferred to another pc. You could try this to re-create your wireless link on the pc running 98se.

By the way, can you see the other computers on the network from the 98se pc?

  woodchip 13:02 18 May 2006

Just reread your post, Have you put the settings in the Laptop Wireless usb software that is in the Router Setup Page for wireless re SSID etc. Do not enable encryption until you get it to connect

  mammak 14:11 18 May 2006

Reinstalled the adapter turned encryption of still wont connect? the status window is now showing a connection to the internet with those litte binory 1s-0s shooting back and forth between the comp,router and internet icon but it now has a different IP address and I dont know how to rectify that Im afraid to say it should be along the line of
thanks for your responses hope I can stick with it it is doing my nut in now.
thanks again

  scotty 17:17 18 May 2006

The IP address of 169..... indicates that the computer has not been allocated an address. One way round this problem is to assign a fixed address to this computer eg

The other thing to try (perhaps first) is to open a DOS window and release and renew the IP address. Command varies with OS but it will be something like IPCONFIG /release_all and IPCONFIG /renew_all. In DOS window, type IPCONFIG /? to see syntax required.

  mammak 17:22 18 May 2006

Thanks scotty was on the verge of giving up on this it has been one headache I can tell you will go and try your suggestions and get back to you ok thanks again

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