windows 98se ?....fresh install or not ?...HELP !

  scrappy 09:43 02 May 2003

would re-installing Windows 98SE simply overlay itself ontop of my present setup with clean fresh files or would it delete everything ie my photos,mp3 files,personal wallpapers etc.Due a scanner problem error code 79 appears stating cannot find source manager.Is this code 79 to do with Windows 98 se setup or scanner driver which i cannot get from Primax due to their website being offline due to their change of ISP.None of my imaging programs work as i cannot select source scanner/camera as the options are greyed out.Any further help would be appreciated

  Jomi 09:51 02 May 2003

This is more likely to be the scanner software, didn't you get a disk with the scanner?
You don't need to reinstall Win 98se.

This is my suggestion: (assuming USB scanner)
Unplug the scanner from the pc, go to add/remove programms and uninstall the scanner.
Restart your pc and reinstall the scanner software then plug the scanner back in.
That way you wont lose any files.

If you don't have a disk there's a huge range of drivers at click here

Good luck

  Switcher 09:53 02 May 2003

Re-installing windows will NOT remove any of your programmes or data files.

Boot to your WIN98se startup floppy select start PC with cdrom support type setup and 30 minutes later you should be up and running with your operating system refreshed.

I can't say whether or not this would resolve your code 79 problem but suspect that it is a scanner driver problem rather than a win98 problem.

  ding ding steve 09:55 02 May 2003

Reinstalling windows will not afect any programs or settings you have but will correct any errors you may have within windows itself. I did it myself last week because my pc was randomly locking up and now all is fine

  scrappy 11:53 02 May 2003

Jomi i have just been to and could not find it listed.However,searching the driver request forum there was another request for the same ...going back to 2001!!!...if this chap could not get one way back then i have no chance.My scanner is a Primax FU318D labelled Tiny.This came as part of a PC package but no scanner disc it seems to have been pre-loaded and upon searching my pc the scanner files were hidden within Windows/system/options/cabs.So i copied one file Constant.ini and put it on floppy,re-installed usb scanner and Windows searching for hardware setup went through until it requested scanner disc cannot find Constant. ini.Then inserted floppy disc and clicked A drive but still Windows could not locate file.Something is seriously wrong with my pc.

  Confab 12:27 02 May 2003

I may have the driver you want at home. My Primax scanner packed up a few years ago but I think I may have kept the software (why I don't know). If your problem is not resolved by tonight then I'll have a look around when I get home tonight.

Did you get a restore pack with your PC? I'm sure there are some drivers on thre as well.

In any case If I've still got it I'll happily send it to you.


  Jomi 13:40 02 May 2003
  Confab 18:19 02 May 2003

Sorry but mine was a Primax Colorado 1200u/Usb 9600.

  woodchip 18:27 02 May 2003

If you save your photo's etc to CD or some other backup. just start after with your restore disc in comp and it should put everything back in order then restore your files from backup

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