windows 98se freezes after log-on screen

  dan11 21:49 14 May 2005

I have had a call from Henmin late this evening. He had a thread running about changing the keyboard settings to UK english click here Most suggestions did not work.

Henmin decided to upgrade his keyboard and mouse to a PC Line cordless keyboard and mouse. The machine was shut down, the receiver connected to the ps2 ports. Batteries in the keyboard and mouse. The machine was switched on. When it got to the user name and type password, enter was pressed for no password. The machine just freezes.

Henmin rebooted the machine many times, but just the same. He then booted into safe mode, this is fine. He deleted the keyboard and mouse in device manager and rebooted. Just the same. He then picked step by step confirmation, it refused to load.

We have talked and decided to thin out msconfig, just to leave sys tray, explorer and task manager running, while in safe mode.

I have also suggested running fdisk / mbr and scanreg / restore from his windows 98 boot floppy.

Is there anything I can pass on to aid Henmin as this is his only machine and cannot access the forum.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:16 14 May 2005

Scanreg /restor sounds best bet, could also try System File Checker
click here

or Prevent Logon Prompt at Startup
click here

  woodchip 22:26 14 May 2005

He could try getting SCANREG /RESTORE to work but this can be painful from Floppy start. Anyway hears how to try, If he as a Win98 startup disc start comp with it in drive let it load to A:\> TYPE


press enter then type

CD WINDOWS press enter

then it should be C:\WINDOWS> Type

SCANREG /RESTORE press enter he should get a list of Registry fall backs

Pick a date before the problem to restore press enter

  woodchip 22:29 14 May 2005

PS He could also try start safe mode, in Run box type MSCONFIG press enter. Startup tab remove all ticks exept Explorer and System tray if he can then start normal tell him to shut down to DOS and at the Prompt type SCANREG /RESTORE pick old date

  dan11 22:51 14 May 2005

Thank you Fruit Bat /\0/\ and thank you woodchip for your suggestions, I will pass these on.

Fruit Bat /\0/\.

Forgot about SFC, it's a long time since I have used 98, have to rely on a fading memory. Will it run in safemode alright as that is the only functioning way in. The Prevent Logon Prompt at Startup is another good idea and one I did not know of. I will suggest this also.


I suggested C:\ scanreg \ restore. So does it need to run from the windows folder? i.e. c:\ windows \ scanreg \ restore. Should they be any spaces between the scanreg and the restore? I would appreciate getting the correct wording.

Safe mode does load and we have discussed editing the msconfig/startup file. I will suggest editing msconfig and the trying scanreg restore.

I doubt we shall be talking any further tonight, but would appreciate it if you had any other thoughts I could pass on.

  woodchip 23:03 14 May 2005

Don't think SFC will run in safe as you need the CD in and no drivers loaded

it's SCANREG /RESTORE can only be done in DOS Try both above way's Note the space before /RESTORE the Easy way is if he can shut down to DOS but it will not let him from Safe Mode. that's why I said try removing all exept Explorer and System tray in MSCONFIG restart may get him into windows then he should be able to shut down to DOS and just type the above. and it is Forward Slash / not back slash \

  dan11 23:20 14 May 2005

Will do.

  dan11 13:29 15 May 2005

A bit of an update and some progress.

Henmin has been trying various options and has managed to get the computer to normal desktop, albeit windows rebooting it's self several times before loading. He has an external usb zip drive and usb archos. If the archos is clicked on, in normal windows, to backup the system then the screen goes dead and the computer reboots.

Trying step by step confirmation, from the boot option, brings up a problem loading the windows/ mouse.vxd. SFC was tried before this problem and always brought up a problem with an AOL missing file.

Scanreg \restore was tried in various ways and always came back with a bad command etc. Because the wrong syntax was given ( by me :-( )

We both agree that the following steps will be tried.

Start with a windows floppy and do SCANREG /RESTORE ( the proper way ) lol

Unplug the archos and the zip drive to see if windows will load properly first time. If it does, to de-select them from device manager and re-install them. If this does work, then the plan is to install the new drivers for the cordless keyboard and mouse and try and get these working.

If it gets to normal desktop again, to try SFC to see if it will load the missing mouse.vxd. He has not tried loading internet explorer yet.

They does not seem to be a problem with the logon and password at the moment, so will leave the editing of that for the moment.

Nearly everything is backed up to the archos and just a few files need moving for complete backup. Henmin feels if the worst comes to the worst, He may just reformat. This would give him the chance to get the keyboard right first time. It would be preferable that it does not come to this, but it is an option.

Henmin will be unable to try these things till later this evening.

If anything of the above is obviously wrong or any other suggestions are thought of. We would be very grateful for any input.


  woodchip 14:13 15 May 2005

If he can get to Normal Desktop, Choose Shut down and choose DOS. Then Type SCANREG /RESTORE This should give the five Registry Restor points to choose from. By Date

  dan11 22:59 15 May 2005

Henmin has been trying a combination of ideas suggested by forum members. Windows now loads up as normal. Unfortunately as a combination of ideas has been used together, he can not pinpoint what has solved the problem. because windows did not shut down properly, scandisk ran automatically on bootup, so this also goes into the equation.

He tried the new keyboard and mouse. The mouse was darting all around the desktop at an alarming rate, with no movement from Henmin. ~~) The drivers were uninstalled and the old keyboard and mouse connected. There is a small problem with the page scrolling up or down of it's own accord, it is a scroll mouse. I have suggested removing the scroll feature from control panel > keyboard and mouse properties. We shall see if this cures it.

He has though, for awhile, of upgrading to XP. We have discussed this and will look at his hardware to see if they will be any problems. The basic machine is running an Athlon 800Mhz and has 384Mb of ram. it should be slightly slowish but adequate.

We would like to say a big thank you to woodchip and Fruit Bat /\0/\ for there expert advice.:-)))

Will tick as resolved.

  woodchip 23:13 15 May 2005

Well at least it's working.

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