Windows 98SE Closse down Problem (Another?|)

  Border View 10:14 15 Nov 2004

I have a four year old AMD Athlon 800mhz 128mb RAM 30GB HDD (only 10GB used) Used mainly for surfing, word processing, family history and the odd game)
Running Windows 98SE.

As with most Windows 98SE I have close down problems, I've downloaded patches/updates stacks of time to no avail. It usually means when I shut down I get the flying flag saying "Windows is about to Close" but it doesnt - this usually entails pressing the restart button and closing down again. It usually does the second time.

Last night I went through the usual routine of pressing the re-start buttong but when the desktop reappeared WOW it was only in black and white the icons had gone massive (as had the system tray at the bottom) and it was asking me for a password and my cursor had disappeared. Managed to reboot with the same result.

I recently downloaded a game called Zuma from (if this has anything to do with it)

This morning (thank goodness for GoBack) I reverted the HDD to yesterday morning and all seems well.

Can anyone please tell me what happened and what I should do if this happens again.

Your help and advice would be much appreciated.

  Diemmess 11:27 15 Nov 2004

Win98SE can be a problem to close down....... Have you tried 4756us8.exe from Windows support. It fits on a single floppy and seems worthwhile installing with any copy of '98

  Border View 11:46 15 Nov 2004

Many thanks for that. I've downloaded to a floppy and installed. Lets hope it helps.

Thank you for responding.

  David4637 16:11 16 Nov 2004

I have the same prob. I find if I close every thing down, and leave the PC running for 20-30 mins I get a 90% successful shutdown. What is the
patch 4756us8.exe all about and did it work. David

  Diemmess 16:33 16 Nov 2004

Barmoor found it for himself in Microsoft Support. We will have to wait and see if it cures his problem.......... It stopped this bother for me after I had browsed over the site and downloaded and tried various things (which didn't seem to work). It is 505Kb

In fact I keep it as a floppy for when any of my family still using 98, need a drastic reinstall.

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