Windows 98SE Boot Problems

  OK Computer 10:43 01 Mar 2004

I was wondering if someone could possibly help me with a problem I am having with booting a windows 98se desktop.

When I boot the PC I receive the error message:

"Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module SHELL32.dll at 0167:7fcb2342"

I get the error message prior to any of my desktop icons or the start bar appearing. From there I cannot get into windows. When going to task manager I can only see AVG running. I have tried booting to safe mode but get the exact same problem, only AVG is not running in task manager.

Looking on the internet for this error message I am convinced that its either AVG or some badly written spyware software that has been installed. However most of the advice out there talks about editing the registry. The problem being I cannot get into Windows to edit it...

Anyone have any ideas? I'm leaning towards a re-install but I want to avoid this at all costs.


  expertec 10:46 01 Mar 2004

I had a problem very similar to this, I couldn't find any way to fix it except re-install but that worked very well

  anchor 10:52 01 Mar 2004

I read this on some forum recently;

You must have a FULL Win-98/98SE/ME Setup disc for this to work.........

1. Left click - MY COMPUTER

2. Put Win-ME Full Setup disc in CD-ROM drive.

3. Press SHIFT Key to prevent Auto Boot.

4. RIGHT click - on your CD-ROM drive letter and SELECT - OPEN

5. Look through the files and LEFT click on - SETUP or SETUP.EXE. Windows will now reinstall over it's self, keeping all your files and original setup intact. This will not work if you let the disc AUTO BOOT.(I don't know why that is.) It worked ok. I accept no responsibility for this advice. I know it worked for me.

  OK Computer 10:54 01 Mar 2004

Thanks but problem being I cant access My Comp or my CD drive (no icons are showing at all)

  expertec 12:18 01 Mar 2004

Do you have your Win 98 and a boot disk?

  Tog 12:29 01 Mar 2004

98SE will boot from the CDROM if you can make that selection in your BIOS.

  OK Computer 16:02 01 Mar 2004

thanks, ended up booting from a win98 boot disk, and re-installing windows (didnt realise you could do this without a format)

thanks for all your help

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