Windows 98 wont boot up

  ikle_pixie 22:18 24 Dec 2004

When you turn it on the bios does its thing, then it gets as far as the windows 98 loading splash screen and then goes straight to "it is safe to turn off you computer" and powers down. If i boot from the CD It does a scan disk and then says theres an error that needs fixing and says it will but then goes back to dos. The hard drive has a lot of stuff on it which i would like to recover, so is there anything else i can try before formating.


  Carl @ UD 22:23 24 Dec 2004

Sounds like the hard drive is dying.:-(

  ikle_pixie 22:25 24 Dec 2004 is an old computer...its not mine (thank god) my boyfriends...

So do you think theres no hope of recovering his stuff...

  wobblymike 22:32 24 Dec 2004

Worst case - get a replacement HDD, install a clean copy of your OS then set your old drive to slave, connect it up boot up your machine and as long as the BIOS can see it you stand a sporting chance of recovering your data.
If you need chapter and verse how to do this post back.

  ikle_pixie 22:34 24 Dec 2004

ok...i should be ok with that...but it wont work if i make it slave to a windows 2000 hdd will it?

  wobblymike 22:35 24 Dec 2004

Yes it certainly will

  wobblymike 22:39 24 Dec 2004

PS - If you're going to change OS why don't you go for XP - the difference between them is akin to travelling to work on a 2 wheel bike against the wind or in a chauffeur driven car - you get there in both but its a much nicer experience in the car. So too XP aginst 2000. Just a thought

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:39 24 Dec 2004

I think there is a virus that causes this.

Try going into safe mode (F8 while booting) and run a virus check.

  ikle_pixie 22:47 24 Dec 2004

yeah i thought virus too..wont run in safe mode...

  ikle_pixie 22:53 24 Dec 2004

lol wobblymike...i know, but i think its because i'm so used to 2000 now..

  woodchip 23:32 24 Dec 2004

Try this with a Windows Startup Floppy disc. Start Computer with the Floppy disc in, then let it load to A:\> now type SCANREG /RESTORE it should look like this


now press enter choose a date with the keyboard that is before the bad startup and press enter

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